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Farmers are constantly moving towards more efficient, effective and sustainable business operations.
Mobeye offers practical solutions with understandable and reliable tools. Effective and affordable.

Measurements and insight into the situation give you more control over farming. By using sensors and knowing crucial values, you avoid problems and make the right decisions. In Mobeye’s philosophy it is best to know exactly those figures that relate to what is critical. With understandable and compact products, focused on the function. Mobeye has been a supplier to farmers and growers for years. With products that measure, report, log and control remotely. All products are easy to use and operate – if desired – battery powered.

This page lists Mobeye products for the agricultural sector.
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Temperature monitoring during cultivation and storage

  • Night frost detector
  • Crop and soil temperature
  • Heat hours counter
  • Temperature controlled storage

The temperature is a crucial value in the growth process. In the spring, night frost can damage the blossom. Later in the year, heat and sun hours are important.

Soil moisture measurements

  • Soil moisture

Insight into the soil moisture is important for the correct supply of water and nutrients. Mobeye offers a log and alarm kit with an extremely reliable sensor.

Monitoring the reel, water pressure and the pump during irrigation

  • Notification endstop traveling irrigation system
  • Remote control for water pump
  • Water pressure measurement

Irrigation of the field is important in case of drought. When the reel is at the end, the irrigation reel detector warns the farmer by phone. The water pump can be turned off automatically. Insight into the water pressure gives a complete picture.

Fault Detectors for devices

  • Failure signal detector
  • Power failure Detector
  • Monitoring the battery voltage

No farm without equipment. But who monitors whether the device is working properly, whether the voltage is present, whether the battery is still full?

Intrusion detectors

  • Intruder alarm- Outdoor detector
  • Intruder alarm – Indoor detector

Unfortunately, sometimes uninvited guests also come by. The Mobeye Outdoor Detector guards outside area and stables. The Mobeye indoor detectors are suitable for draft-free places.

Fire detectors

  • Mobeye GSM Heat detector

Barn fires are too common. Many fire detectors are unsuitable due to the presence of dust and ammonia. It is, however, useful to install a heat detector with communicator in the technical room.

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