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The Construction & Infrastructure sector provides the lifeblood of the country. With buildings, roads, rail and waterworks, it creates the basis of a pleasant society. Naturally, safety is a prerequisite. Mobeye is happy to contribute to this.

Mobeye solutions for Construction and Infrastructure

Mobeye offers monitoring products for critical processes. With solutions against burglary on the construction site, for containers with tools, in buildings just before delivery and with site security. For water pumps, well houses and in tunnels, Mobeye has water detection systems with a message on pump failure. You monitor the power supply or apply site security against copper theft. The Mobeye GSM smoke detector is indispensable for detecting fire in transformer houses and during renovations.

Some examples of applications of Mobeye products.
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I/O detectors

  • Alarm forwarding
  • Power monitoring critical equipment
  • Power monitoring against copper theft
  • Electric fence monitoring
  • Remote control for water pumps

Burglary protection

inbraak icon
  • Security for small locations
  • Security just before completion
  • Container alarm
  • Terrain security

Temperature monitoring

  • Temperature alarm & trend
  • Legionella prevention

Water detection

  • Water detection in wells
  • Monitoring the water pump

Fire detectors

  • Smoke detector with telephone alarm

Access control

  • Gate, fence, barrier opener
  • Temporary access for contractors
  • Battery-powered Call-Key (“special edition”)

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