Mobeye Government

A safe home, a safe workplace, a safe public environment. Safety is a primary basic need. But unfortunately not for granted. Mobeye products are deployed by the national government, states/provinces, municipalities, and public organisations such as the police, fire brigade and water boards. Mobeye products contribute to a safe world.

Mobeye deployment for and by the government

Some examples of applications of Mobeye products.
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I/O detectors for government

  • Notifier for alarm system
  • Door alarm
  • Clean and dirty water alert public toilet
  • Public space panic button
  • AED cabinet monitoring
  • Control of weirs/sluices

Intruder detection by government

inbraak icon
  • Deployment by the police
  • Deployment by surveillance services

Temperature monitoring

  • Vehicles for police dog transport
  • Frost alert, to salt and grit roads
  • Legionella monitoring

Monitoring of analog values

  • Vacuum monitoring in district heating

Power failure monitoring

  • Current monitoring in government buildings
  • Monitoring of emergency power generators

Water detection by government

  • Water detection in cellars
  • Water level in sewers
  • Water detection in tunnels

Fire detection for government

  • Smoke detector with telephone alarm
  • Fire protection in construction projects
  • Fire report in parking garages

Access control for government

  • Access control for remote locations
  • Access for rental objects
  • Battery-powered Call-Key (“special edition”)

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