Mobeye Health

Innovations in the medical sector do not stand still. Telecare is taking off. This gives us more freedom of movement without any health risk. Mobeye is happy to contribute, both with care alarms and in the monitoring of medical equipment.

Mobeye solution for the health sector

This page lists Mobeye products for the health sector.
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Temperature monitoring

  • Medicine storage
  • Temperature monitoring for laboratories and biomedical preparations

The temperature during storage and transport is crucial for the maintenance of function and quality of medical substances. This should be continuously monitored. With online insight and direct alarm in case of problems.

Medical alarm

  • Device monitoring
  • Alarm forwarding
  • Security of AED cabinets
  • Epilepsy alarm transmission

Mobeye offers various solutions to monitor medical devices. This can relate to alerting you to medical problems or reporting a device fault.

Protection and assistance to people

  • Fire detector with communicator
  • Emergency button
  • Door and movement alarm
  • Access for caretakers

Security is important to everyone. An extra eye for safety can be vital for vulnerable people. Mobeye realizes that health care products are vital.

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