Mobeye Industry

The industry sector focuses on production and processing. The sector has traditionally been characterized by a high degree of mechanization and automation. Digitisation has been added in recent decades. Mobeye has an essential role in monitoring specific industrial processes.

Mobeye solutions for the industry

Some examples of applications of Mobeye products.
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I/O detectors

  • Alarm forwarding
  • Power monitoring critical equipment
  • Reporting on machine failures
  • Remote control of devices

Burglary protection

inbraak icon
  • Security of storage locations
  • Temporary security
  • Container alarm
  • Terrain security

Temperature monitoring

  • Temperature-controlled storage
  • Temperature in the food chain
  • Prevention of explosion in powder storage

Water leak detection

  • Water detection in pipework
  • Tank level monitoring

Fire detectors

  • Smoke detector with telephone alarm

Access control

  • Gate opener
  • Access control for electronic locks

Analogue detectors

  • Heat grids: pressure measurement in vacuum system

Bespoken solutions

  • Transmission of 4-20mA measurement signals
  • Control of weirs
  • Integration module for “in flight entertainment”

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