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Simple and effective security. Easy installation work, easy operation. That is what Mobeye products stand for. Whether it concerns burglary prevention of your house or shed, or a telephone report in case of fire or water detection.
Mobeye products are aimed at making your live more pleasant.

Mobeye security for in and around the house

Some examples of applications of Mobeye products.
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I/O detectors

  • Alarm forwarding
  • Power monitoring critical equipment
  • Door monitoring
  • Monitoring the fishpond

Burglary protection

inbraak icon
  • Security for small locations
  • Camper alarm
  • Intruder alarm for holiday home
  • Garage box alarm
  • Garden security

Temperature monitoring

  • Frost guard in the holiday home
  • Temperature in the aquarium

Water leak detection

  • Water detection in cellars
  • Water tank level monitoring

Fire detectors

  • Smoke detector with telephone alarm

Access control

  • Gate opener
  • Access control for caregivers
  • Access control for club buildings

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