Mobeye Maritime

Upon arrival at the port, you would like to find your boat in good condition. Ready to sail without any hassle. Mobeye offers practical solutions for on board and ashore. Effective, without complexity.

Mobeye maritime solutions

Mobeye products monitor your ship on the most important parameters: detection of water, checking the temperature, monitoring the shore power, fire, or securing your boat against intruders. And even if no external voltage is available, the products do their job. Mobeye products can work completely autonomously. On the supplied batteries, the sensors and the integrated telephone dialer.

This page lists Mobeye maritime products. Click on the icons or for more information or consult us to discuss your situation.

The complete boat security

  • The Mobeye CombiGuard, or “ShipGuard” (CM4600), has been specially developed for the maritime world. Monitoring of shore power, temperature, water, battery voltage, and other sensors.

Full insight into battery voltage

  • The Mobeye CML4055 (“BatteryGuard”) provides full insight into the battery voltage. With direct alarm at too low or too high battery voltage and a graph for the entire voltage course.

I/O detectors

  • Alarm forwarding
  • Shore power monitoring
  • Monitoring anti-fouling system
  • Remote control for heating or device
  • Control of immobilizer

Intruder alarm

inbraak icon
  • Security of the cabin (draft-free)
  • Intruder alarm under tarpaulin or around the boat

Temperature monitoring

  • On-board temperature monitoring
  • Monitoring curing time in shipbuilding

Water leak detection

  • Bilge water via leakage sensor
  • Bilge water via float sensor

On-board fire detectors

  • Smoke detector onboard a ship

Access control in the harbour

  • Gate or barrier opener

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