Mobeye Privacy Policy

We consider your privacy. When you visit our website, it doesn't mean you have to give up your privacy. We try to integrate this view into our activities. At the same time, we want to support you with good service. If you have a question or comment about your privacy, please let us know.

Cookies on our sites

No cookies are placed on the Mobeye websites, other than the standard functional cookies that cannot be traced back to personal data. That is why we do not ask for permission to place cookies. We don’t feel it necessary to leave any traces on your computer or phone and we don’t want to earn from your data. You will therefore not see third-party advertisements that can be related to a visit to one of our websites.

Contact form

If you fill in and send the contact form on our site, we will handle your data with care and never pass it on to third parties. You can choose to get updates from time to time. We don’t do this often, probably twice a year, and only if we have something to say. You can always unsubscribe if you regret the choice. Of course you have the option of not getting updates. We will respect this. However, we let the contact form go through a security module from Google before we receive it. We do this to avoid the countless spam messages from robots. This is not completely anonymous, because Google has its own conditions. Don’t you want this? Then use our “info at” email address.

Privacy in the Internet of Things portal

The devices that you register on the website, the Mobeye Internet Portal, should be safe, as well as your data. We do our utmost to deploy all safety measures to this end. These are software implementations, fire walls, encryptions for password protection, hosting choices and internal protocols. To provide service, a very limited number of people, no more than necessary, can support you by phone or in writing and monitor your device. We apply the strict rules of the GDPR. And if you delete data, it will actually be deleted. We have no reason to use your data. They are yours and we are happy to provide you with a service. That’s how we look at it.