As soon as a Mobeye device is used, it gets its own story. It is the customer who specifies the product for a purpose, and thus the application. We would like to share some of these with you.

Mobeye in the field

Temperature monitoring of vaccins

Vaccination company PreventVaccins is a specialist in health tests and vaccinations. Nurses provide vaccinations for travelers at 24 locations. PreventVaccins uses the Mobeye ThermoGuard to monitor the temperature at the medical fridge. Keeping the temperature between 2 and 8 degrees ensures the quality of vaccines and other medicines.

Wireless on a built-up airport

Changi Airport (Singapore airport) has AED cabinets that can be opened by anyone. As soon as this happens, an internal (battery-powered) Mobeye module alerts the medical staff of the airport. Due to a sophisticated message structure to the emergency services, medical specialists can be on site quickly. There are communication checks via a data logger.

Monitoring of heat grids

Hot water enters the homes in the cities of Rotterdam and Utrecht. The pipes are insulated by a vacuum layer. The pressure in this layer is monitored by the Mobeye SISTM. NExt to this Mobeye has developed a wireless signal transmitter for facility manager Eneco to measure the water pressure in the underground pipeline network.

Surveillance = (wo)man + technology

Security company M&M is one of the first Mobeye customers. With an eye for innovation, director Maurice van den Hoogen uses the mobile alarm systems for temporary object security, such as on construction sites and in vacant buildings. This makes surveillance more efficient and effective.

Deployment by police

In many Dutch municipalities, the Mobeye police deploy alarm systems against burglary. Due to the wireless and mobile operation, they can be deployed quickly and flexibly. This can be after a burglary, to catch burglars once they come back, or preventively in risk buildings. Residents respond positively to this.

Frost warn system for agrarians

VGB Watertechnics is a specialist in sprinkling and irrigation. This can be watering in drought, as well as sprinkling blossom during frost. VGB uses the Mobeye night frost detector CML4275 for their customer group, fruit growers. The farmer is awakened with alarms and up-to-date graphs and determines whether sprinkling is necessary.

The Cow Call, the birth alert for calves

The Cow Call is an innovative birth alert for cows. When the membranes break, the farmer is warned about the upcoming delivery of the calf. Mobeye has developed wireless sensor and communication technology for our Irish partner.

Fire alarm at institutions

KVV Industrial Safety maintains fire alarm systems of assisted living institutions. Mobeye CM2400 and CM4400 fire detectors are used to help the residents group in case of fire. In the event of a fire, the internal GSM module sends an alarm to the central care center and the emergency room. This allows quick help to be provided.

In-flight entertainment controller

Mobeye develops and produces control modules for airplane trolleys for our German partner Cabinnet. The trolleys contain in-flight entertainment and shopping facilities for “bring your own device” concepts. This allows airlines to provide a flexible and cost-efficient service to passengers.


Deployed successfully

The overview is far from complete, but in the following you will find many success stories of Mobeye products.

02-05-2020 Sprinkling by fruit growers
A busy month for fruit growers and therefore also for Mobeye. This year has had a warm start and a cold month in April. This means that the blossom was already well under way when the night frost started. Fruit growers know all about this. Get up in the middle of the night to sprinkle the blossom. Many fruit growers have informed us that they have a much better night’s sleep now that they have been woken up by the Mobeye night frost detector. To then decide on the basis of the graph whether sprinkling should be used.

April 20, 202 Special times
Now that a virus has spread worldwide and commits man to humility, it gives us satisfaction to be able to contribute. Marked as a “crucial company”, we must and want to work hard. With also special deliveries: flow monitors for Norwegian respiratory equipment; temperature guards for African emergency hospitals and various security equipment.

Do you have a story to share, anonymized or not? All our stories are truthful; intended to inspire others to keep control over their own situation. We would love to hear your findings!

April 2020 Museum helped with warnings from the PowerGuard
Until recently, power cuts on one of the Wadden Islands could lead to problems for the entire island. This creates the necessary problems if you depend on the power supply. One of the museums realized that the water pumps in the aquariums should always work. By using a Mobeye PowerGuard they have been warned several times in a timely manner and have been able to take emergency measures.

21-08-2019 Cycling burglar arrested
After burglary had already occurred in several buildings in the area, the security service in East Netherlands used Argos systems in the risk buildings. When he struck again, the burglary systems sounded the alarm. The police were quickly alerted and found the man cycling in the neighborhood. The police are calling for reports to be made of any burglary attempts. Then they will know what is happening in the district and can be targeted for investigation.

19-08-2019 Carrying stuff takes too long for burglar
A burglar was betrayed by a Mobeye Argos during a burglary at a business park. The man did not realise this and was busy loading things when several police units arrived. Well…

15-05-2019 Two burglars arrested thanks to ‘Mobeye’
Two people from Almelo who were arrested in January after a burglary in the De Erven neighborhood of Emmeloord, ran into a lamp thanks to a Mobeye burglary system. This became apparent during the court case against the two in May. The silent alarm that can be placed unobtrusively in a home without a complicated installation automatically signals the police in case of suspicious movements or sends messages to other set telephone numbers. During the burglary in De Erven, the police arrived at the house in January thanks to this device. Officers saw three burglars flee. After a search in the neighborhood, two suspects were arrested with the help of a dog and a helicopter. The residents of Almelo of 19 and 22 years old were respectively sentenced to five months in prison and four months in (juvenile) detention for the burglary. A small sum of Swedish crowns was stolen from the home in De Erven. The suspects had this money in their pocket when they were arrested. source: Omroep Flevoland

13-05-2019 Plenty of movement
With the use of no less than three Mobeye systems in a building in a municipality in Gelderland, even the most professional burglar will be detected. This morning the alarm went off. Despite rapid on-site surveillance, the intruder had already left. In the meantime, he had thrown the alarm system into the toilet bowl. Because the burglar knew he was caught, the time was limited and more extensive damage was prevented. And luckily, the system was still functioning.

02-11-2018 Copper thieves arrested after notification of Mobeye Outdoor Detector 
Two Romanian criminals were caught last night while stealing copper at a metal company in Drente. The company has several Mobeye outdoor detectors CMVXI-R near the fences. The company management was alerted by telephone. They could grab and hold the men until the police arrived.

01-11-2018 Mobeye Argos helps to roll up cannabis plantation
After good preliminary work and the clever use of detection methods, the police have been able to dismantle an illegal indoor hemp farm today. Chapeau for police and -among others- the Mobeye Argos.

22-10-2018 Vandals do not remain unseen
Observed by a Mobeye Argos and a Mobeye CMVXI-R it is no longer possible to slip into the empty school and indoor sports hall of one of the municipalities in Drenthe. Last night the security service was alerted by both alarm systems. The movements of the vandals in the sports hall were noticed by the Mobeye security systems.

15-09-2018 Intruders arrested after intrusion in a house
The police in Amsersfoort placed following tweet: “Yesterday, a burglar was caught in flagrante delicto on the Rustenburgerweg. There was a so-called Mobeye in the house. As a result, the colleagues were alerted. The suspect tried to flee but ran into the arms of the colleagues. The suspect is still in custody.”

3 april 2018 Clothing theft thwarted by clever use of Mobeye i110
It’s been a while, but only now has the story reached us. A security officer at a large clothing warehouse, himself the owner of two Mobeye i110 systems, was very alert. Clothing regularly disappeared from the warehouses and after investigation it turned out that it was collected during the working day above men’s toilet. To catch the thieves, he took his Mobeye GSM alarm systems from home and placed them in the space above the W.C.’s. From then on it was a piece of cake to catch the bandits and hand them over to the police. Good job!

February 16, 2018 Burglar arrest
The Midden-Schieland police have been able to arrest a burglar in a garden shed in the act by using a Mobeye alarm system.

February 3, 2018 Four arrests in storage full of stolen bicycles
Four suspects were arrested in Amersfoort for the healing and theft of several expensive bicycles. The police found the four after an investigation. Based on information, a storage facility in Amersfoort has been monitored for some time. A Mobeye alarm system detected movement and the police immediately went to the store.
A van with a Polish registration was found. The police suspect that this could bring the bicycles to Poland. When officers entered the warehouse, men were busy with the bikes. One man ran when he caught sight of the police, but once threatened by a taser, the man gave in.
Four men were arrested, three of Polish and one of Dutch nationality. They are locked in for further questioning.
“The suspects had an expensive taste, given the brand and type of bicycles,” police Amersfoort say via Facebook.

January 2018 Burglary foiled
The owner of a Dutch horticultural company had had enough of the intruders in his company. More than a year ago he installed two Mobeye Outdoor detectors, the Outdoor CMVXI-R. And with success, because he has received an alarm on his phone several times. Recently, with the help of the police, two burglars were arrested.

November 2017 Two hits in car burglary
In a targeted action by the police, burglars were exposed twice within three weeks. In one situation, attempts were made to detach a radio navigation system and airbag. In the other situation, the car thief was targeting a Mercedes. In both cases, the police were informed by a Mobeye GSM alarm system and were able to arrest the suspects.

20-10-2017 Vandals arrested in Oman
In the Middle East, Mobeye systems are also being used to combat crime. Today, a customer in the Sultanate Oman reported that the Mobeye CM2000 (CM-Guard) did its work in a powerhouse. They are very happy that they have been able to catch the burglars. They will extend the security measurement to more transformer houses.

01-08-2017 Summer offensive with result
During the summer months, Mobeye alarm systems are being used in many municipalities to secure the houses of people that enjoy their holidays. These systems are offered by police and the municipality. The first results are reported by the police in a village in the eastern part of The Netherlands. Within a week, in two incidents, burglars were caught in vacant houses and caught in the act. The residents were informed and could continue their vacation.

23-01-2017 Bingo: copper thieves caught!
On a business park in ‘s-Hertogenbosch last Friday night two criminals (man and woman) were arrested by the police. Earlier that day they had already caused damage. The police expected them to return and took preparations. After a Mobeye alert, the police caught the two.

19-01-2017 Prevention in the cold winter
You better take care in the winter. A Mobeye user with a holiday home on a beautiful polder island in the head of North Holland, wanted to prevent frost problems after a heater failure. Because the island is not accessible in the situation of (thin) ice, he had preventively connected the output of the Mobeye MS200 temperature detector to a backup heater, which automatically switches (and sends a telephone message) at a low temperature. And yes, the preparation proved to be necessary and useful. In these cold days the central heating systems stopped working. The MS200 did its job and now the owner is waiting for the water to be navigable again.

18-01-2017 This week we have heard many stories about successes with Mobeye systems. From a surveillance company near Nijmegen, which uses a lot of Mobeye systems for security, we hear about several acts on construction sites and in vacant buildings in 2016. A criminal investigation team in the south of the Netherlands told us that there are several people behind bars after being sensored by Mobeye systems.

01-12-2016 Nocturnal power failure
A nice message reached us this morning: “The system was installed last Monday, and has already proved its worth today morning. A power outage occurred in downtown Amsterdam, and the CML2255 called me at a quarter past 4 tonight (…). I could therefore be on time in the server room in order to prevent more damage. System works perfectly !!”

02-11-2016 Six men arrested in two incidents
A company with one of the more upscale cruise boats in Amsterdam uses the Mobeye Outdoor Detector (CMVXI-R) as security. And on two occasions there was a hit in the recent weeks: burglars got into the boats and thought they could quietly work. Unsuspecting, but the alarm went off at the owner’s telephone. The owner ,with the police, reached the location quickly in both situations. And since the boats are moored to a jetty, they were like rats in a trap. Yield: a total of six men arrested.

22-03-2016 PowerGuard prevents fish die
For years a North Holland client, a specialist in special fish, has been using a Mobeye PowerGuard. Today he reports to us that it has been three times that it prevented the expensive fishes to die. His aquarium requires power for the pump and in order to maintain the temperature at 30 degrees Celsius. When there is a power failure, the generator must be turned on as soon as possible. Meanwhile this fish owner replaced the PowerGuard by the Mobeye CML2255 which also monitors the temperature in addition to the presence of the mains.

12-03-2016 Little calf was born
In collaboration with an Irish party Mobeye develops an alarm that the farmer calls when a calf is about to be born. This week the first new born calves of the year were born. The Mobeye detector did its job and thus the farmer was always on time.

14-02-2016 Mobeye prevents theft of radio and navigation system
Police has caught a car thief in the eastern part of the Netherlands who was de-installing the navigation device in a luxury car. Since it was suspected the car would be targeted, the police had placed a Mobeye alarm system in the car. With success!

04-01-2016 Hit during New Year’s Eve
Police in Amersfoort have arrested two suspects in a burglary alarm thanks to the efforts of the Mobeye alarm. The incident happened on New Year’s Eve in a house in the district Kruiskamp. Runners were on site when the alarm went off and saw that a window was smashed. Two men were present in the house. A 20-year-old man from Amersfoort and a 21-year old from Amsterdam have been arrested. Both are shortly afterwards brought to the court. The Mobeye systems are regularly used by police Amersfoort in neighborhoods where there are relatively large burglary statistics with the aim of increasing the chance of catching burglars.

26-12-2015 Mobeye and Christmas alarm: two suspects arrested in Voorschoten
In the night of 25th December two house burglars were arrested red-handed. They had broken into a house where police had put in a Mobeye i110. When police arrived the burglars were still inside. After the police had surrounded the house and spot the intruders, the intruders delivered themselves to the police.

26-12-2015 Mobeye Christmas alarm: caught in the act
In the early morning a Mobeye Argos evoked a silent alarm from a house in Borger. The alarm went to the local surveillance service and the Regional Police was informed. On the spot, the police have arrested a suspect who was hiding in the attic. The suspect was taken to the office for questioning.

5-12-2015 Caught in the act at business park: four suspects arrested
There have been several burglaries in past six years at a company in the Plaspoelpolder in Rijswijk. This company received a Mobeye i110 for temporary use from Rijswijk police.
In the night of 5th of December, 2015 there was another intrusion in the company. The Mobeye alarm alerted the police. The police encircled the building and four suspects were arrested quickly.

30-10-2015 Succesful deployment of Mobeye GSM Outdoor Alarm System
Only a few months ago the new version of the Mobeye Outdoor Alarm CMVXI-R was introduced and now the first success by police is reported. Last weekend police in the eastern part of the Netherlands deployed the Outdoor Alarm in a location that was often plagued by vandalism. Through an ingenious detection, the police arrived could quickly after the system reported the motion. Three youths, known to the police, were engaged in vandalism and arson. Thanks to the Mobeye Outdoor Detector they could be caught in the act. They have confessed.

2-10-2015 Youngsters found in school premises
On Friday, October 2nd, 2015 at 17.00 the mobile surveillance Emmen received a report of a burglary alarm system Mobeye Argos from a vacant school premises in Nieuw Buinen. Because it was a silent alarm the mobile security guard informed the police. Both the Border Regional Police and the guard arrived quickly. They found young people who had entered the building without permission after they had smashed a window. The police arrested the youngsters and, after interrogating them, handed them over to the parents.

25-06-2015 Caught in the act in Zierikzee
Since the same restaurant in Zierikzee was already twice burgled the police placed the Mobeye i110. The suspicion was that the perpetrator (s) would come back. And indeed, two days later it was hit and the alarm system noticed an intruder. After the alarm notification police went to the property. The roller door of the attached garage appeared to be open. Behind a stack of crates a man sat hiding. In his backpack they found several bottles of liquor, he had burglar tools and white powder on him. The mobile detector had thus proven its worth.

28-04-2015 Visible relaxation through Mobeye device
The RTL news reports about Mobeye’s deployment in Rotterdam, with an interview with the city social worker and a victim of a burglary. This Rotterdammer expresses his gratitude and is happy that he has been given a Mobeye i110 alarm on loan. Watch the documentary (hint: choose subtitles).

02-02-2015 Mobeye Argos helps two catch two copper thieves
Two men were caught while trying to steal copper from an office in Veendam. The Mobeye Argos was installed in the house with two extra motion detectors attached to it. Just after midnight the Mobeye Argos detected burglars and reported it to the security company. When security guards and the police were going to take a closer look, they found the duo hiding under a floor system. According to CSN director John Mulders, the 42-year-old suspect is an old acquaintance. The native of Lelystad was badly injured when he fell six meters down during an earlier burglary. ,, Apparently he recovered, but also very headstrong, ” says Mulders

1-11-2014 Burglary suspects arrested with help of Mobeye alarm in Amersfoort
On Saturday, November 1st in a building on the Utrechtseweg two suspects were caught in the act thanks to a deployed Mobeye alarm. The alarm systems are owned by the Municipality of Amersfoort and managed by the police with the purpose to combat burglaries. On November 1, a 26-year-old man was found in the house and arrested after an alarm signal from the Mobeye. A co-defendant, a 29-year-old man with no fixed abode, was caught soon after agents entered the building with dogs. Both men had burglars tools with him. In the building were also bags with more burglars tools.

30-10-2014 Today an Austrian customer reported that Mobeye saved him a mountain of ice this year. This importer of ice, had suffered for years from blackouts during events. Several times a year he found a bucket of ice melted the morning as the power supply or emergency generators had broken down. Beginning 2014 he bought a Mobeye PowerGuard, which sent him overnight reports of power outages. After a quick call to the event manager the power was back again. That meant he had a saving of a cost this year of thousands of Euros.

10-10-2014 Mobeye alarm betrays intruder in Utrecht
Through a partnership of police, municipality and a housing cooperative in Utrecht today a burglar was caught. In the morning around 5.30 am the Mobeye motion alarm went off. The manager responded appropriately and checked to see if it could be a cop himself. When this happened not to be, police and the house manager rushed. A door in the (empty) home was forced. After a short search the burglar turned out to hide himself on one of the roofs. The man was arrested and arraigned shortly.

17-06-2014 Diesel theft foiled by Mobeye i110.
The Mobeye CM-Guard is widely used to alert if diesel tanks are opened unauthorized. But today we heard that the Mobeye i110 caught several diesel thieves. Under the cover of the larger diesel tanks is often a compartment where the i110 (and Argos, ed.) may be clogged. When the lid is opened, the i110 reports this. In this way, we were told today, in Zeeland already several criminals were caught.

08-06-2014 Again a hit in an empty building of a housing association. At midnight the Mobeye alarm went off. Police together with the manager went immediately. They encountered a door that was locked. After kicking the door, they found that a glass window at the back was already cut loose. Looks like work of squatters. Although the people were flown, the manager was very happy that he kicked them out timely.

02-06-2014 Twelve intruders caught in one year
Today we received the following message from a surveillance company: “The placed Mobeye systems have yielded significant results. In one year, we had several events and caught 12 burglars in one location. In the absence of power supplies, we have placed a Mobeye i110. Works great!”

25-04-2014 Police Amersfoort catches two intruders after Mobeye alarm.
Yesterday, a Mobeye placed in a house led to the arrest of two house burglars in the district Schothorst. In a joint project between the municipality and police Mobeye alarm systems are placed in homes, which gives a movement alarm alert to the police. The risk of being caught in a house burglar is significantly increased herewith.
The system proved successful last night around 21:45 when the motion detector in the home became active. Multiple police units went to the house. Officers found that a window was broken and the suspects were still at home. At the moment one of them, a 17-year guy, left the house he was arrested. The second suspect, also a 17-year resident of Amersfoort, still tried to flee but was captured in the vicinity. Both suspects are in custody for further investigation into involvement in several burglaries.

21-04-2014 A housing association in the middle of the country uses Mobeye i110 systems to secure vacant properties. At Easter one of the systems did what it had do; after an alarm one found that vandals had smashed the windows of one of the houses. By this quickly detecting this one prevented worse.

10-03-2014 It looks like an annual outing for thieves to enter the boat from Mr and Mrs. Smit. But nowadways they know how to solve. This time it was again the Mobeye alarm that alerted the family. The thieves have destroyed a dummy camera, but once betrayed they fled. On arrival it appeared to be only limited damage.

01-12-2013 Two hits in Ede
Police Ede uses Mobeye alarm systems to increase the flagrante strength and to give rest to residents. In a short time the systems have had success twice. In a company where computers were stolen and one expected the crooks again, Mobeye alarm were deployed. Already within five they returned: the alarm did its work and police arrived soon, which resulted in a chase and crashed cars. Yet the computers were still working…
In another situation a Mobeye i110 did its job in a school. As a result, copper thieves arrested in the act.

01-11-2013 CM-Guard as crooks catcher
The battery operated GSM alarm messenger already assisted the police many times. We do not hear everything and we can’t be open about everything, but today we got the report of three very interesting investigations, which resulted to arrests. A good thing!

25-08-2013 Last night a burglar was arrested by police in Schoonhoven. After three business burglaries, police had placed the Mobeye alarm. The Mobeye burglar caught the burglar in the act.

25-08-2013 The water taxi company that previously reported the Mobeye WaterGuard had prevented the sinking of their boat, now reports success again; regularly at the end of a day the bilge pump is not turned on and the water flows into the boat. The WaterGuard reports the detection of water to the owner with the alarm message that the boat fills up. So, the WaterGuard can be called the ‘Bilge Pump Guard’!

20-08-2013 Three hits in about a year!
A police dog association in Limburg had been more often victim of burglary and vandalism in their clubhouse, what they did decide to lay down a Mobeye alarm. Their report, “In 15 months we have had three alarm situations; the first time we were too late, but the other two times we have been able to chase the thieves. Two weeks ago, we got the alarm and went there; when we arrived the crooks fled. An aggregate that they had put ready, they had left behind. Fortunately. What a wonderful device, this Mobeye alarm!’

01-08-2013 Boathouse uses WaterGuard as roof protector
A boathouse in Sneek suffered from high water. The top of the moored boats can hit the roof when the water rises, resulting in a lot of damage. The manager of the boathouse has found a simple solution to this: he attached the sensor of a Mobeye WaterGuard at the height where the boats are still safe. The couple of times per year that that the WaterGuard alerts about high water, the boats are sailed out which prevents damage.

25-07-2013 Two hits, four copper thieves in jail!
A surveillance company in Veendam reports: Client had a couple of break-ins. On the spot there was no power because of construction work. Thus, we have ordered and placed a Mobeye. The same night there was an alarm inside. The security people went inside and found two copper thieves, who were handed over to the police. They were hiding in a crawl space.
Two days later again burglary. Nobody was found but we detected tracks and a bicycle. This 2nd Mobeye ordered and installed. Same night again a report. This time two (other) copper thieves were arrested. They were hiding in a flooded basement.

08-06-2013 Diesel thieves caught by Mobeye system. An outdoor detector of Mobeye warned the surveillance business Ophorst from Emmen. They went there immediately and warned the police. A police dog quickly captured the man and prevented diesel theft. Nice cooperation.

04-04-2013 A construction company in Goes reports the findings of the Mobeye PowerGuard: “The experience has been great … already after one week we received an alarm message at night .. when the local police arrived the robbers fled. Unfortunately they did not get caught (we have the car registration number). Now we had no visitors for already 3 months…
in another building, the police arrested a man who was walking with a wheelbarrow full of copper power cables in the middle of the night … ‘

20-12-2012 In an empty chicken coop around Groesbeek copper thieves tried to take their chances. Not knowing that the animals were monitored by a Mobeye i110, which reported to a surveillance service, their party was disrupted soon. The crooks have been transferred to the police.

15-12-2012 It were just a few weeks that Police Bergambacht started placing the Mobeye i110 at risk objects, and already had a hit. On December 15, two men were arrested just after a burglary in a gym.

08-11-2012 Another flagrante delicto, this time with a Mobeye PowerGuard!
By simply monitoring the power supply, and thus knowing if burglars switch off the power to steal copper cables.
This company had weeks of regular theft and the first day they used the PowerGuard they (together with police) immediately caught burglars in the act.

5-10-2012 A water taxi company in Zeeland used the Mobeye WaterGuard for monitoring its water taxis. And fortunately, because last night a boat proved to be sinking. Already alarmed at the first water detection, damage was prevented.

08-07-2012 The recently implemented AED systems at Changi Airport in Singapore, have already proven their service. Today someone was rescued after a heart attack, because the AED was taken out of the closet, after which the Mobeye alarm immediately sent a warning to the medical staff. A beautiful custom made solution that saves lives!

2012 Various reports: a Security Company in Eindhoven using multiple Mobeye systems. And with success, because they frequently find ‘uninvited guest’ in their objects. In November it helped to arrest a burglar in Eindhoven.

May 2012 A Mobeye i110 owner goes out with his motorhome to Spain. When he was relaxing about 200 yards from his camper, the alarm went off. He was quick on the spot and saw two men in his camper collecting stuff. Without doubting a moment he took a piece of iron in his hand and went towards them. Fortunately for the man the police accepted his action afterwards; the burglars were, slightly injured, nabbed.

12-04-2012 In Mrs. and Mr. Smit’s boat a Mobeye i110 was placed. At midnight on December 4, the alarm went off. Mr Smith got dressed and went down. On arrival the gates were found to be damaged and he heard noise in the boat of the neighbors. When he met the thieves first a short conversation followed and next the thieves fled. A chase did not succeed. However, the burglars have left all their belongings including tools. And a dual burglary was so frustrated!

06-04-2012 Police Gouda holds two boys after a burglary. Earlier, the police had placed a Mobeye i110 in a house. Upon receipt of a warning, patrol cars drove to the scene of the crime. Around the house two boys were arrested and the Mobeye system was found. That they had brought it from home. Unfortunately the evidence did not prove to be official, so the defendants were not convicted.

Winter 2012 The inhabitants of a holiday parc at Heetveld have collectively chosen for the frost guard Mobeye ThermoGuard. The on-line retrieval of temperature is fun, but main feuare for the residents is to prevent frost damage. At least one property was already saved after the failure of the thermostat and Mobeye alarm, and thanks to the Mobeye ThermoGuard another resident discovered that his house was not re-connected when gas heaters were replaced.

26-01-2012 Police Hollands Midden, arrested a 43-year-old man from Voorhout after he broke into an office on the Jacoba van Beierenweg on Thursday, January 26th around 4:30 pm. The control room of the police got the message of the silent burglar alarm. Police had placed the Mobeye mobile burglar alarm in the building after an attempted theft of lead. The police suspected that the burglar would come back again and therefore placed the alarm. The Mobeye mobile burglar alarm goes off when it detects motion. It is set as a silent alarm which informs the police emergency room.
After receiving the alarm notification, the police went to the spot and saw that the door of the building was broken. With tracking dogs police searched the building. The dog found the burglar and the man was arrested.

December 2011 In a pilot project, initiated by our Lithuanian distributor, multiple Mobeye i110 systems are installed in ‘current’ buildings of energy companies. In the initial phase of the project already twice burglars were caught in the act when they entered the room.

21 November 2011 The battery-powered outdoor detector of Mobeye achieved success this weekend. A set of sensors is used by Ophorst Security. Director André Ophorst “It is our wish to combine security technology with human surveillance. The Mobeye Outdoor Detector helps us to prevent copper theft efficiently”. The first results are made: during the first week of usage five copper thieves were caught after notification by the outside detector. Two of them were arrested immediately; later, the Rotterdam-Rijnmond police managed to arrest the other three.

June 2011 Mr. Breuk uses Mobeye i110 mainly as temperature monitor on his boat, which lies 100 kilometers away from him. When the temperature alarm went off, he directly drove to it. And fortunately, because the thermostat had broken down and the temperature reached almost freezing. Frost damage was avoided!.

2011 Two burglars were arrested after breaking into the house of the owner of a caravan dealer shop in Vlaardingen, betrayed by the Mobeye i110.

12-10-2010 From the UK we got a caught-in-the-act report: “‘I purchased one of your alarms last year because my workshop premises had been broken into a few times, obviously I had a lot stolen – tools, large trailer etc. The reason for my email is to say how glad I am that I did as last night it was triggered and this resulted in 3 culprits being arrested and taken away. We had the police dogs and the helicopter there and just to tell you the police were very impressed with this alarm set up – it did you proud!! The arrests were made within 20 minutes of the alarm going off.’

2010 A small company in the canals in Amsterdam are regularly plagued by burglars and bums in the boats. Several times a year the owner finds them after a warning by the Mobeye i110. In the summer of 2010 some burglars got caught by the Amsterdam police.

06-05-2010 A customer from the east of the Netherlands reports: The Mobeye alarm did its job perfectly! On 6 May, in broad daylight somebody broke into a shed where things are stored temporarily. Since our company is about 500m away, I could catch the perpetrators in the act. I was a bit stupid by going alone and started to talk to them, because when I tried to call the police, I was threatened and my phone taken away. They then fled, but …… they stole only two pairs of safety shoes. They did not think that an alarm would be present in a remote shed!

2010 During the construction of the hospital in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the officiating surveillance company frequently used Mobeye alarm systems. During daytime, the systems were used to monitor the inventory areas, in nighttime the ‘walking routes’ were monitored. We got reported that especially during the days many people were betrayed when they took materials unauthorized.

June 2010 In Denmark thanks to the Mobeye i110 a burglary was foiled and two burglars were arrested. This news has reached the national press.

20-02-2010 Mr. Fey was in England when the Mobeye i110 in his garage went off. He immediately thought of a burglar and called the police. Unfortunately, the follow-up was not adequate enough, because when returning to the Netherlands he discovered his possessions were stolen.

2010 A surveillance company in the East of the Netherlands, which always uses Mobeye systems for securing objects regularly reports cases of ‘caught-in the act’. One of the stories was a cafe, where the (silent) alarm went off. Upon arrival the burglar turned still be inside. After a brief fight the intruder fled by jumping through a window.

2009 Mobeye success at Nijmegen company, which is active in project development. “Recently from one of the construction sites we were alarmed overnight by the Mobeye alarm. “We were quickly on spot and saw an unknown van at the site. We immediately alerted the police. The police captured two burglars and fortunately we have all our stuff back, including all tools that were laid in the van. Without Mobeye we would have lost our stuff.”

2009 The first introduction of the Mobeye i100, a silent mobile battery operated alarm systems. The beginning of a company that will specialize on low power telemetry. Already one year later the i100 has a successor: i110. Later many product are added to the portfolio.