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CMVXI-R – Mobeye 4G Outdoor Alarm

The Mobeye Outdoor Alarm combines the reliable Optex Infinity detector with Mobeye battery powered communication technology. Ideal for temporary security and places where there is no power supply. You attach the system to a wall, a pole, or even to a tree.

CMVXI-R - Mobeye Outdoor Alarm

The Mobeye Outdoor alarm is flexible and ideal for outdoor areas and places where other detectors are prone to false alarms. The Mobeye Outdoor Alarm detects intruders in an early stage. For construction sites, industrial sites, gardens, driveaways, farms, drafty halls, etc.

Self-contained Mobeye Outdoor Alarm

  • easy deployment and battery operatedd
  • immune to weather influences, drafts and small animals
  • the notifications go to max. 5 contacts, via the built-in 2G+4G communication module

With on and off schedules, the Mobeye Outdoor alarm is automatically armed at the moments you choose. Manual operation is also possible with the supplied tags.

Reliable due to dual PIR

The Mobeye Outdoor Alarm combines the Optex (PIR) detector and the Mobeye low power communication technology. There are two sensors in the detector. If both sensors detect movement, an alarm is generated. It filters out small animals, weather influences and moving leaves, making the risk of false alarms virtually nil. The detection range is a minimum of 2.5 and a maximum of 12 meters; the viewing angle is a ‘curtain pir’ or maximum 90 degrees.

Notifications to contact persons

In the event of an alarm, the CMVXI-R sends alarm notifications by app, telephone call (voice message), text message and/or e-mail. The number of contacts is unlimited.

The Mobeye CMVXI-R works autonomously and fully battery powered. This means it can be placed anywhere without installation work. With the included battery pack it works for more than two years on a set of batteries (at normal use). As soon as the batteries need to be replaced, the administrator will be notified.

Management and insight in the Mobeye Internet Portal

Mobeye advises to choose for the Mobeye SIM/portal service. This provides a safe SIM card, online management of contacts and alarm messages via push message, call, SMS, e-mail and/or security room. The alternative is your own 2G SIM card. Read more.


  • Deployed by police
  • As a building alarm
  • Private use

Mobeye Outdoor Alarm

Mobeye Outdoor Alarm


  • Outdoor security
  • Drafty places
  • Halls and stables