Complete insight with the Mobeye Internet Portal

Mobeye devices are intended to increase the safety of people, buildings, machines and valuables. With the Mobeye Sim/Portal service, your device has full functionality and optimal security, including the use of the Mobeye Internet Portal and the app “Mobeye Messages”. The Mobeye M2M multiprovider SIM card uses the strong 4G LTE-M network, with 2G as fallback.

Complete insight with the Mobeye Internet Portal

For monitoring your devices, environment or property, using a Mobeye alarm device is the right first step. For certainty throughout the chain, Mobeye also provides connectivity, alarm transmission and online insight. With the Mobeye Sim/Portal service, you get a reliable solution: connection to the strongest network, notifications to your contacts and an online portal. Mobeye offers this service at a competitive price.

Choose reliability in all links of the chain

  • Easy online portal to set up the device and to get insight into its operation
  • Dashboard with (alarm) status of all devices, if multiple devices are under one account
  • Notifications via push app, voice call, SMS and/or e-mail (and control room)
  • Alarm messages go to the ‘alarm’ contacts; ‘service’ contacts receive notifications about missed test messages and low battery voltage
  • Option to use an ‘escalation plan’ (waterfall), where the confirmation of the alarm message in the app means that the next person does not receive it
  • Automatic communication checks (“keep alive”) between device and portal. Contacts receive a warning in case of problems
  • Double certainty in the alarm: if an app message does not come through properly, a call is still made
  • Double certainty in the communication between the device and the portal (data + SMS)
  • Option for a dealer structure for insight into your customers’ devices
  • Display geoposition based on Cell-Id
  • Multi-provider SIM card, which always chooses the strongest network (4G LTE-M + 2G)
  • You can count on Mobeye’s service, as we manage the entire chain and, just like you, want the device to work properly

The SIM/portal costs start from €4 per month (excl. VAT). See here for the costs per device type.

Would you rather have your own SIM card?

This is possible. The device then works ‘stand-alone’, so without Mobeye Internet Portal and messaging app. The notifications are sent via text messages and calls to (max.) 5 contacts. Programming is done via (simple) text message commands. 2G is primarily used. Your own 4G LTE-M SIM card is also possible, you then set the APN settings yourself. Please note that not every network provider offers ‘voice over LTE-M’, the device will then only send text messages in the event of an alarm. Your own SIM card can only connect to the masts of your own provider and is therefore less strong than the multi-provider Mobeye SIM card. We therefore advise you to carefully consider whether your own SIM card is a good option.

Have your own SIM card and still use the Mobeye Portal and Messages App?

This is possible. If your organization has LTE-M SIM cards, your Mobeye device can still work with Mobeye Portal and App. This way, you still have part of the functionality of the portal, extra monitoring functions and the messaging service. Mobeye charges set-up costs and an annual portal fee for this. You set the APN settings in the device yourself*. Conditions: LTE-M SIM card, ‘micro’ format, suitable for data and SMS, knowledge of APN settings, when purchasing at least 15 devices; only after consultation with Mobeye.

The set-up in 3 steps

  • Step 1. Create an account
  • Step 2. Activate the Mobeye SIM
  • Step 3. Set up your device
Mobeye complete solution (CM2-producten)

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