Mobeye devices are designed to increase the safety of people, buildings, machines and valuables. As an option, all Mobeye products can be linked to the Mobeye Internet Portal. In this way you optimize the functionality, user-friendliness and reliability of the product. And by using the Mobeye M2M SIM card in combination with the Mobeye Internet Portal, you immediately use the extremely strong and affordable multi-provider SIM card.

Choose complete security and connect to the Mobeye Internet Portal

Complete insight with the Mobeye Internet Portal

  • Multiple devices per account possible.
  • Online web app; suitable for desktop, tablet and mobile phone.
  • Dashboard with (alarm) status of all devices.
  • Programming via online tool.
  • Flexible assignment of name/location.
  • Geoposition display based on CellId.
  • Forwarding of alarms by calls, SMS and/or e-mail.
  • Reliable multiprovider roaming SIM card. Chooses strongest network.
  • The keep-alive monitor performs an automatic communication check and alerts you in case of problems.
  • Extra security by automatic communication fallbacks between IP and SMS.
  • Option for reporting to a private emergency center (ARC) via SIA protocol.
  • Additional functions for specific products such as access control, log functions, analysis tools and job structures.
A short introduction into the Mobeye Portal
click on the video to start it
Three steps to get your devices in the Mobeye Internet Portal:
  1. Create an account in the mymobeye portal
  2. Activate the Mobeye SIM card online
  3. Registrer your device with the Mobeye SIM in the portal.

Do you have a question about the Mobeye Internet Portal ? Consult us via the contact form.