Security on board

Monitoring of leakage, temperature, (shore) power, battery voltage.


Mobeye CombiGuard

The Mobeye CombiGuard has a combination of sensors to monitor the environment and to minimise risks. In an alarm situation, the owner will receive notifications via push message, telephone call, SMS or e-mail.

Always aware of the status.
To prevent damage.

The Mobeye CombiGuard warns you of problems related to temperature, water level, battery voltage, potential-free sensors and the power supply. It has an output for controlling a device. Operates on battery or external power.

This product is the successor of the Mobeye CM2600.

Temperature sensor

The temperature sensor is digital and extremely accurate. The minimum and/or maximum temperature limit is adjustable between -35 °C and +70 °C. The sensor is factory calibrated and indicates the value in decimal.

Leakage sensor

The leak sensor detects water-based liquids. As soon as the two pins feel water, an alarm is triggered. If not leakage but a water level is to be monitored, connect the water float sensor (AC-WS-FS1) to one of the inputs.

Low battery voltage

The two inputs can be set for analog measurement of voltages between 0 and 48 volts, with peaks up to 60 volts. This makes the CM4600 ideal for monitoring a battery voltage. If a battery is discharged too deeply, it can become defective. By setting an alarm limit, timely action can be taken. In addition, the battery can be switched off automatically via the (open collector) output.

AN/NO/NC alarm inputs

If (one of) the two inputs is not required for measuring the (analog) battery voltage, it can be used as a potential-free (NO/NC) input; for the connection of alarm contacts such as a magnetic contact, water float sensor or fault signal.

(Shore) power failure

The supplied (country-specific) mains adapter or a regulated 12-24V DC voltage source can be connected to the power input. If the power drops, a message follows. The internal batteries ensure that the alarm dialer continues to work for a long time. The CombiGuard will continue to monitor the inputs and will continue to report alarms. Once the power restores, a notification will be sent.

Alarm messages

In the event of an alarm, the Mobeye CombiGuard sends alarm notifications by app (IOS/Android), telephone call (voice message), text message and/or e-mail. The message includes the actual temperature. For the push messages there is a choice between an escalation plan or group message. With the escalation plan, the recipient can confirm the push message, so that the other contacts no longer receive the message. If none of the recipients confirms the push message, a phone call is made. The number of contacts is unlimited.

Network and SIM card

The Mobeye SIM card gives the device full functionality, including the use of the Mobeye Internet Portal and the app. With the Mobeye SIM card, communication takes place over the 4G LTE-M network with 2G as fallback.
When you insert your own SIM card, the device works on 2G. Alarm messages are then sent via SMS and/or call to max. 5 telephone numbers.

Mobeye CombiGuard
  • Boat
  • ICT server room
  • Storage location

Compact and effective

  • Alarm via app, call, SMS and email
  • Water detection
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Monitoring low battery voltage
  • (Shore) power failure monitoring (if connected)
  • Two AN/NO/NC alarm inputs
  • Online programming and full insight when connected to Mobeye Internet Portal


Mobeye CombiGuard

Summary of features


  • temperature alarm, water alarm
  • alarm at low battery voltage
  • power failure monitoring
  • monitoring of NO/NC input
  • switching of output after alarm/incoming sms

In- and outputs

  • water, 1x temperature, 2x (NO/NC/AN)
  • 1x 12/24 V DC power input
  • 1x open collector output (max. 200mA)


  • to private contacts via an app, call, SMS and/or email


  • alarm and recovery
  • power outage and power recovery
  • battery low voltage, (missed) test message

Other settings

  • alarm delay times
  • min./max. temperature limit
  • min. battery voltage
  • alarm repeat interval
  • inputs adjustable as NO, NC, AN
  • identification text, alarm texts

Mobeye SIM card (option)

  • online activation
  • gives access to Mobeye Internet Portal and App
  • communication via 4G LTE-M and 2G Quadband EGSM
  • low-cost, flat-fee, multi-provider

Mobeye Internet Portal and App
(when using Mobeye SIM card)

  • alarm per push messages/SMS/call/email/ARC
  • push messages as group message or sequential
  • status display
  • online programming
  • keep-alive monitoring
  • position display (Cell-ID)

Own SIM card (option)

  • alarm notifications via SMS text message and call to max. 5 contacts
  • communication via 2G Quadband EGSM


  • 94 x 94 x 28 mm

Power supply

  • 2x CR123, or
  • 12-24V DC + 2x CR123

Battery life

  • 1 year (if battery-operated)
  • 3 years (external power)

Communication module

  • 4G LTE-M (WW) + 2G Quadband EGSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz


  • CM4600
  • leak sensor, temperature sensor
  • mains adapter (country specific)
  • 2x CR123 batteries
  • Mobeye simkaart (optional use)

Accessories (not included)

  • sensor extension cable, float sensor, external antenna