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Mobeye water detectors stand for reliable water detection. The Mobeye water alarm is suitable to detect leaks, monitor water levels, or notify when a tank is empty. The Mobeye water alarm sytems are equipped with reliable water sensors. As soon as the sensor detects a liquid, an alarm message follows via the built-in GSM detector.

The Mobeye water alarm systems can be used in wells, basements, on construction sites, on boats and ships, swimming pools, etc. The GSM water detectors can operate both battery-powered and using an external power supply.

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Water alarm
Leak sensor (included)1.
Water float sensor (included 1 1
Number of extra potential-free alarm inputs211
Relay output for switching after alarm / call / SMS 2
Ability to run battery-operated
Alarm after power failure
Industrial (outdoor) enclosure IP66
Sensor extension with copper wire
Sensor extension with Mobeye extension cable (2.5m or 10m)
Option for Mobeye Internet Portal
2G + 4G (in combination with Mobeye SIM/portal)