Mobeye news

Closure around Pentecost

May 2024 – Mobeye is closed on Monday 20 May, due to Pentecost.

Podcast ‘growing fruit and the risks of night frost on the blossoms’

March 2024 – Listening tip: nice podcast in which fruit grower Mark Vernooij and Jack van de Vijver (Mobeye) discuss blossom time, night frost detectors and irrigation. An educational and interesting explanation about the risks of night frost on buds and flowers and how growers protect themselves against this. In an enthusiastic story, Mark Vernooij tells how the Mobeye temperature detector helps him during the riskiest period of the growing season. Listen here (in Dutch).

Extend the lifespan of the Mobeye 2G products

February 2024 – In various countries providers are reducing 2G masts. Users who deploy a Mobeye 2G device with their own SIM card can extend the lifespan by choosing a provider that still offers 2G reliably. An option is also to opt for the Mobeye SIM/Portal service, with the multiprovider Mobeye (telemetry) SIM card. This will ensure that the device continues to work for the longest time, until the last provider stops using 2G. Only then is it really necessary to switch to a 4G module. Devices from mid-2017 are suitable for the Mobeye SIM/Portal, depending on the product. If you are already experiencing a weak 2G network, switching to a CM4 product is advisable now. You can consult us via the contact form.

Cooperation University Team Polar

June 2023 – Mobeye has entered into a partnership with a student team from Eindhoven University of Technology, aimed at building a research vehicle. This innovative vehicle aims to carry out climate research in Antarctica, completely emission-free and autonomous. The students use Mobeye telemetry technology for measurements of the indoor climate to protect the equipment against extreme temperatures. We are happy to help this team with our remote monitoring solutions. See

Lab Technology and Food Technology

On 12 & 13 April 2023, Mobeye was present as an exhibitor at the Lab Technology and Food Technology fair in Den Bosch, which took place at the same time as the Firesafety & Security Event. The visitors were inspired by the field of 4G temperature monitoring, data logging, sensoring and alarming.

Introduction of Mobeye MiniPir

December 2022 – After the deployment was reserved for the police and surveillance services for years, the Mobeye MiniPir (iCM41) is now available to everyone. It is a compact and battery-powered “all-in-one alarm system”, with a 4G communication module, unique in its kind. A worthy replacement for the i110 and Argos. See the product page.

Mobeye Messages app

The Mobeye app provides an extra option for receiving alarm messages. All 4G devices that work with the Mobeye sim/portal service now have full functionality in terms of alarm acknowledgments, group messages, escalation plans and the fallback phone call. The Mobeye Messages app can be downloaded in the Playstore and Appstore.

Mobeye systems not harmed by Log4j vulnerability

In the first week of December 2021, the national cybersecurity service reported a critical vulnerability in Apache Log4j CVE-2021-44228. Mobeye systems and Mobeye servers – including the Mobeye Internet Portal IoT platform – are not affected or vulnerable. Safety and reliability are top priorities for Mobeye.

Special times with special attention

The years 2020 and 2021 will always remind us of the Corona crisis. Mobeye also has to adapt. Some of the employees work from home and there are the necessary precautions. We also help our customers with the necessary tools. Various vaccination centers monitor the refrigerators with the Mobeye temperature monitors and power failure detectors. In addition, measuring and controlling remotely is becoming increasingly important.
We see that strength, flexibility and resilience are of great importance. We have deep respect for everyone who contributes to society and in particular to people’s health. We hope that society will soon be able to “open” again.

New products, new corporate identity, new website
In 2021 Mobeye changed the corporate identity and even the logo. This site will change step by step and be provided with new pages. We hope you can easily navigate the products, industries, support pages and examples of how to use our products. Are you missing something or do you have a comment? We would like to hear it!

Blossom time, take care for frost
Gardeners and growers know it; blossom is beautiful but fragile. Frost is not good for the moisture in the blossom. Irrigation is an option, but not desirable. To guide the grower in this decision-making process, Mobeye has tailored the night frost detectors to the needs of the market. This spring it will be busy again with growers installing them for a good night’s sleep. Sleep as long as possible, wake up at the right time and have the right information. We are happy to help.

Mobeye in the news

March 2024 Bauernzeitung

The Bauernzeitung informs its readers about the Mobeye temperature detector as a frost monitor. Read here.

April 2020 Professional magazine
The German magazine S+B for locks and access control published an extensive article on Mobeye.

December 2019 Mobeye deployment by police Almere

In many Dutch municipalities, the Mobeye alarm is a tool against burglaries and extra support during holidays.
Each municipality gives its own interpretation to the stealth or openness of the effort. Watch the video that Almere municipality made about this earlier this year. Hint: choose subtitles in your language.

September 2019 Oldtimer-Praxis
In the German magazine “Oldtimer-Praxis” the Mobeye Argos has been extensively tested and found to be able to guard the old-timers of car enthusiasts. The editor is even so convinced that the Argos still protects its own classic car to this day.

01-12-2016 Brabant S.E. uses Mobeye against burglars
Mobeye alarm systems are already used by police and municipal authorities in more than 50 municipalities. And not without merit, because in addition to the fact that residents get a certainty from the mobile alarm system and feel safe from the decisive action of the police, success stories are also regularly reported.

16-05-2016 Mobeye for securing vacant properties: publication in Spotlight
The English homeowners magazine, Spotlight, published an interesting article on vacancy protection. Read the full article.

20-7-2015 Partnership Ei Electronics and Mobeye
Hemmink and Mobeye have decided to get into a partnership. Safety and quality are important to both companies. The partnership confirms this.
Hemmink is importer / distributor of Ei Electronics smoke detectors, among others. Mobeye has developed a communication module for the Ei600 series. Hemmink and Mobeye strengthen each other’s products by working together.

28-04-2015 RTL news reports about deployment of Mobeye systems in Rotterdam
Watch the documentary. Hint: choose subtitles in your language.

15-03-2015 Police Hilversum also uses Mobeye alarm systems
Following many other municipalities, the Hilversum police have also started a red-handed offensive using the Mobeye i110 alarm system. Reed the article.

20-06-2014 Compliment to Mobeye Argos in ANWB Camping and Caravan Magazin
The Mobeye Argos has been very positively evaluated from a product review by the ANWB Camping and Caravan Magazin. The ANWB praises the possibilities. A test has proved that the device works fine. Read the article.

12-12-2013 Minister promotes the use of the Mobeye i110
Due to the ‘1-Day-Not’ initiative, December 11 was dominated by 1 day of no break-ins. Mayor Rabelink van Schouwen-Duiveland presented the Mobeye mobile alarm system to Minister Opstelten as a measure against burglary. Watch the video on the Mobeye YouTube channel: .


The Mobeye ThermoGuard was awarded a place in the SME Innovation Summit 2012.

The Mobeye Call-Key ThermoGuard was awarded a place in the SME Innovation Summit 2013.

In 2014, Mobeye was awarded with two places in the SME Innovation Top 100; the Mobeye Argos and as “Mobeye inside” in CB Flevo’s Greenbox.

The Cow Call, a develoment together with an Irish partner, Mobeye was awarded a place in the SME Innovation Summit 2017.

The Mobeye ThermoGuard TwinLog, the temperature monitor with log functions, was awarded the ETOP Award in the Utility category in 2015.