Mobeye SIM cards

A SIM card is required for communication in every Mobeye monitoring device. The product comes with a SIM card that you can use at an affordable price which immediately offers the additional benefits of the Mobeye Internet portal. Alternatively, use your own SIM card.

Mobeye SIM card

Use the Mobeye SIM card for optimal security and usability and connect the device to the Mobeye Internet Portal, the online web app. The SIM card is usually supplied with the product and you activate it online.
It is a multi-provider machine-to-machine card*. The SIM card can connect to all local networks, so you are not dependent on one specific provider. You can therefore rely on a strong and stable network. The card has a flat fee for Europe. You can find the prices here.

Additional functions when using the Mobeye Internet portal

• Online programming
• Notifications by email, SMS and call
• Display of the location of the device (eg Cell-Id)
• Exception reports when no keep-alive messages are received
• SMS or email at low battery voltage
• Differentiation between technical messages and alarm messages
• Display of historical events
• The Mobeye Internet Portal offers additional options per device, e.g. authorizations and timers for the Mobeye call key, graphics and measuring devices for devices with protocol functions, etc.

Own SIM card

It is possible to use your own SIM card. If you use the device “stand alone”, you’ll miss the advantages of the Mobeye Internet Portal. Make sure that the card allows 2G, calls and SMS and has the “normal format”.
*Formally, only “machine to machine” SIM cards may be used in (all) devices and no consumer SIM cards. This is another reason for choosing the Mobeye SIM card.