all-in-one alarm system

Compact and reliable
battery operated intruder alarm


Mobeye MiniPir

The Mobeye MiniPir is a compact all-in-one intruder alarm system for monitoring of an indoor space. The built-in motion sensor does not let burglars go unnoticed. Contacts receive a notification on the phone. The MiniPir is fully battery powered and can be placed or hung up.

Easy to use
The Mobeye MiniPir guards your belongings

Leave things worry-free. Due to its simplicity, the Mobeye MiniPir can be understood by everyone. Intended to secure possessions. Leave things worry-free. Due to its simplicity, the Mobeye MiniPir can be understood by everyone. Intended to secure possessions. The compact alarm system gives a sense of security with a high chance of catching criminals.

This product replaces the Mobeye i110 and the Mobeye Argos.

Easy to use

Switching on and off can be done in several ways. The easiest way is to have it done automatically, via time schedules. Alternatively it can be (de) activated on site with the supplied tags.
After arming with the tag you have enough time to leave the room. During the exit time, an exit indication sounds.
The passive infrared (PIR) motion detector detects whether someone has entered the room. After an intrusion detection, the entry time starts. If the system is not turned off timely the alarm message is sent.

Alarm in the event of a burglary

If the PIR sensor detects movement, the MiniPir will alert with a push message, telephone call, text message and/or e-mail to an unlimited number of contacts. For a push message, install the Mobeye Messages app from the appstore/playstore. The push message can be sent as a group message to all contacts at once, or in a specified order; a confirmation prevents that the message will also be sent to the others. If no one confirms, the device calls the contacts. In the settings you can also choose to always receive a call (spoken message), SMS and/or email.

Battery operated

The MiniPir is fully battery powered. This means that the detector can be used anywhere. Typical applications are: garage boxes, construction sites, containers and vacant buildings.

Reliable and affordable SIM card

The Mobeye SIM card, which can be activated online, also gives access to the Mobeye Internet Portal and the app. The communication is over the 4G LTE-M network with 2G as fallback. The SIM card can connect to almost all providers and works throughout Europe. The MiniPir only works with the Mobeye SIM card.

Container alarm

The mobile network reach is more difficult in (storage) containers or other metal constructions. For these situations we recommend the “MiniPir Container Alarm”; it has an external antenna. The vandal-resistant “puck” antenna is mounted on the outside, with the wire inwards. See also the page Mobeye Shipping Container alarm.

Mobeye intrusion products

The Mobeye intrusion series consists of the MiniPir and CMVXI-R Outdoor detector. For outdoor protection or drafty places such as halls or stables, we recommend the Mobeye Outdoor Alarm (CMVXI-R).

Mobeye MiniPir
  • Storage rooms
  • Empty buildings
  • On the construction site
  • Events
  • Motorhomes
  • Private use
  • Police deployment
  • Use by surveillance services

Protection against burglars.
Security. Anywhere, anytime.

  • For small locations
  • For temporary security
  • For places without power supply


Mobeye MiniPir

Summary of features


  • motion detection
  • optional: 2x NO/NC alarm input
  • optional: power failure monitoring

Arming and disarming

  • with tags (two pieces included, max. 25)
  • via time schedules (two weekly schedules)
  • with external voltage: via SMS


  • silent alarm
  • notification to private contacts via an app, call, SMS and/or e-mail, or to a monitoring center (ARC)


  • intrusion alarm, battery low voltage, (missed) test messages, optional: input alarm and power failure alarm

Others settings

  • duration of the exit delay
  • duration of the entry delay
  • sensitivity of the sensor
  • idle time after an alarm
  • identification text, alarm texts
  • automatic arming and disarming

Mobeye SIM card

  • activate online
  • flat fee with normal use
  • gives access to Mobeye Internet Portal and App
  • communication via 4G LTE-M and 2G Quadband EGSM
  • low-cost, multi-provider

Mobeye Internet Portal and App

  • online programming
  • alarm by push message/text/call/email/PAC
  • push messages as a group message or one after the other
  • status display
  • keep-alive monitoring
  • position display (Cell ID)

Range PIR sensor

  • 5 meter, 90° angle


  • 94 x 94 x 28 mm

Power supply

  • 2x CR123, or
  • 12-24V DC + 2x CR123

Battery life

  • 1 year (if only batteries)
  • 3 years (externally powered)

Communication module

  • 4G LTE-M (WW) + 2G Quad band EGSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz


  • MiniPir
  • 2x tags
  • 2x CR123 batteries
  • Mobeye SIM card

Accessories (not included)

  • extra tags, adapter
  • external antenna (cable length 30cm, 250cm or 10m); this option makes the MiniPir suitable for use as a “container alarm” and for other places where the network strength is weak