Innovation and product development

Mobeye was founded in 2008 to help people and organisations make life safer, easier and more valuable with meaningful innovations.

As a Dutch manufacturer with in-house research and development, we focus on low power telemetry systems. This results in concrete products with functions in the field of measuring, reporting, logging and controlling. Most Mobeye products can work battery operated. Each product has an integrated communication module. This allows monitoring in places without local infrastructure. As long as there is a telecom mast in the vicinity, you have a reliable product.

Mobeye products are versatile and have a multitude of settings. Yet every product is compact and focused on a specific function. In this way, the products remain clear and affordable for the user.

We value your input

Because we are in close contact with user groups, we get a lot of feedback from the market. We continuously learn about the way Mobeye products are used and the story behind them. With this input we can further develop the products again, with new and improved functions.

Modular development

The products are based on modular hardware and software platforms. This results in years of accumulated knowledge and available technology. The quality and functionality is based on experience and further development. Before a product is released, it goes through extensive software evaluations and testing procedures. All products in the catalog undergo continuous improvement and updates and are therefore always up to date. This is our way of keeping innovation power and ensuring reliability.

Customized solutions

You will find a multitude of Mobeye products on the website. They offer a solution for most monitoring and telemetry situations, possibly assisted by our advice. Mobeye also develops customer-specific products, with the existing hardware, software and IoT platforms as starting point. In this way we can guarantee quality and efficiency.

For questions about Mobeye technology and the possibilities, please contact us.