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Reads out contacts and sends an alarm

Mobeye alarm communicators report malfunctions and sensor signals. The measurement and alarm modules work autonomously, with the sensors being always active and ready to transmit messages directly via the built-in GSM module. Output modules are designed to control a device from remote.

Due to the low power design and the built-in batteries, the alarm and switch modules are completely self-sufficient. The alarm devices are also suitable for an external voltage source. Mobeye GSM alarm communicators go beyond the notification function. The status of a device can be read and the output relays switch remotely or after an alarm.


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Number of dry inputs (NO/NC) 2 2 2
Number of relay outputs2
12-24V DC input
9-24V DC input
Alarm after activated (NO/NC) input
Power failure alarm ✓ *
Output control after alarm, SMS, call
Outdoor enclosure (IP66)
Ability to run battery-operated
Rechargeable back-up battery (24 hours)*
Ability to connect to the Mobeye Internet Portal
2G + 4G (in combination with Mobeye SIM/portal)