Mobeye Sectors

Understanding by measuring. Knowing remotely.

Mobeye's measuring, reporting and control systems are widely applicable. There are sensors for almost all measured values, which can be monitored by Mobeye devices. Even if no power supply is available.

It gives us satisfaction when we hear from customers how Mobeye products are used, that they solve a specific problem in a smart way. To inspire others, we identify a number of applications in the field. We have classified these by sector. The list is certainly not complete. And if the standard solutions are not sufficient, you can use the generic monitoring modules to set up any alarm or telemetry situation as wished. Feel free to ask us for advice.

Who is the typical Mobeye user?

Mobeye users are not averse to controlling and taking precautions. Our users include both critical consumers and professionals. All want to protect people, nature, goods and property.
Mobeye users know that good information is essential. This applies to situations where monitoring parameters and sometimes remote control is required.

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