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Security is that easy.
Mobeye alarm systems offer a ready to use solution for every security issue. With the all-in-one GSM burglar alarm you can get started right away. The built-in motion detector sees every suspicious movement, after which a telephone report follows. And above all, Mobeye alarm systems work on a set of batteries. More than a year!
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Specifications and differences

Alarm triggersi110Argos CMVXI-R
• alarm on internal motion detector (PIR)
• alarm after activation of external sensors
• temperature alarm via internal sensor
Alarm notifications
• SMS and/or call to telephone2 nos.5 nos.5 nos.
• listen-in function after intruder alarm
• acknowledgement of alarm via telephone
Applicationsi110Argos CMVXI-R
• suitable for indoor use
• suitable for outdoor use, halls and stables
Setting options
• silent or loud entry delaystil
• silent or loud alarm (piezo siren) stil
• adjustable inactive time after an alarm(5 min.)
• connection to alarm receiving center (ARC)
• user-defined identification texts
• user defined alarm texts
• sensor sensitivity
• frequency of test messages
• min. and max. temperature limit
Configurationi110Argos CMVXI-R
• via keypad
• via Mobeye Internet Portal
• via SMS
Switching on and off
• via installation and user code
• by tag
• automatic time schedules
• via SMS (when using external power supply)
Reportsi110Argos CMVXI-R
• status and settings list via SMS
• sensor test to define best position
• strength of the GSM network
• jam detection and reporting the returned GSM signal
• complete autonomous working (battery operated)
Power supply
• battery time > 1 year (battery operated)
• battery time > 3 jaar (powered externally)
• ‘battery low’ message upon low voltage
• power failure and restore messages (at ext. power)
Extra inputs and outputs i110Argos CMVXI-R
• 2 (NO/NC) inputs for additional sensors
• 2 relay outputs (max. 2A/30V)
• option to suppress the internal PIR
• remote operation of relay output (at ext. power)
• option for external siren
Extra functions Mobeye Sim en Portal
• multi-provider international SIM card
• affordable and transparent subscription
• notifications via call, SMS, e-mail
• online change of identification text
• insight into status and historical events
• monitoring of keep alive (message upon exception)

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