Measuring, reporting, logging and controlling. Mobeye informs you in alarm situations and provides insight into the situation.

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Mobeye alarm systems work autonomously and warn in case of trouble. The all-in-one alarm systems can be used anywhere.

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Remote measurement / monitoring

Sensors provide you with information. Choose a ready-made Mobeye product or read-out device with your own sensor.

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Anywhere, anytime.

Mobeye surveillance products are widely applicable. Deployed by professionals, industry and consumers. Inside or outside.

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KNOW WHAT IS Going on. ANYWHERE and anytime.

Mobeye is a manufacturer of monitoring and security products. Mobeye products focus on your safety and comfort by remotely monitoring property, possessions and equipment. The products have functions in the field of measurement, logging, control and reporting. We specialize in innovative GSM / 3G / 4G / LoRa alarm and telemetry technology with a focus on extremely low energy consumption.


Mobeye products stand for simplicity and reliability. Mobeye makes brand products and bespoke solutions.

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Every security issue requires a solution. View the applications and get to know the solutions that Mobeye offers for your situation.

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