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MCK100 – Mobeye Call-Key

Safe access control using the mobile phone. Easy and reliable device to authorise the opening of a door, gate or fence. The administrator programs the telephone numbers and has insight into the activities via a user friendly web portal.

Autumn 2023: unfortunately the Call-Key is currently out of stock; inquire about availability.

GSM door opener, your phone is the key

Open doors, fences and gates by telephone. Authorise people remotely, possibly for specific moments. With the Mobeye Call-Key you do not longer need a key or tag.

An authorised person opens the lock by simply calling to the Mobeye Call-Key. This device checks whether the number is permitted to open the lock. The telephone call itself is not answered, which avoids telephone costs. The Mobeye Call-Key GSM door opener is directly connected to the electronic door lock. The administrator maintains the authorisation list in the online web portal.

Complete online insight

The Mobeye Internet Portal provides insight into the historical data and shows who opened the lock and when. It also shows who has been denied access due to a lack of privileges. With the Mobeye Internet Portal and the Mobeye SIM card, the Call-Key has full functionality and user friendliness. The administrator maintains the list of authorized persons online. Up to 500 numbers can get access. The access is unlimited, or limited within time windows or periods. In addition, automatic timers are possible, to let a gate or barrier open and close automatically with a daily scheme. Changes in the authorisations are prepared online. The Mobeye Call-Key synchronises the settings every hour. New numbers can open the lock immediately afterwards with a simple call.

Standalone use

The Call-Key also works with any other SIM card and without the Mobeye Internet Portal. Phone numbers are authorised via SMS commands. These numbers are always permitted (24/7) to open the lock. Up to 50 numbers can get access. There is no insight into events, such as who opened the door.

Choice of lock

The Mobeye Call-Key switches the existing electronic lock via a relay. This can be done during a pulse time, or as a “hard circuit”. Any electric lock is possible, such as an electronic strike, electromagnetic lock or motor lock. This means that every gate, gate, barrier or door can be secured and opened.

Additional burglary protection

The Mobeye Call-Key offers additional functions if the door is secured with a magnetic contact. The unit has NO/NC contacts for this. The “suppress” option recognizes whether the door opening was permitted. There is no alarm after opening by an authorized number. When the door is vandalised, the set alarm contacts receive a call, SMS, or e-mail.

No authorisations necessary?

The Call-Key has a setting that allows any phone number to switch the relay. In this way every incoming call is accepted.

Application fields

  • Community spaces
  • Sports hall
  • Nightly supplier
  • Backup for finger scanner
  • Business park barrier
Summary of features

Functions • 2x relay output
• Power failure alarm
• 2x alarm input (NO or NC)
Authorisations• Via Portal: 500 numbers
• 24/7 “always”
• During weekly time windows
• During period
• Unauthorised opening
Alarming • Alarm input contact (magnetic contact)
• Alarm suppression after authorised call
Mobeye sim card
• Affordable, flat-fee, multi provider, roaming
• Included in delivery, to be activated on-line
Mobeye Internet Portal (optionally) • On-line programming
• Display of historical events
• Communication check (keep-alive)
Dimensions • 145x90x45 mm
Power supply • Mains PSU (included, country version)
• Option: 4x CR123 for power failure alarm
GSM • 2G Quad band EGSM



Choose for complete security

  • Online management
  • Insight into who opened the door
  • Easy in use