Mobeye Night Frost Detector

The Mobeye Night Frost Detectors are a reliable aid for growers and farmers. In the spring, the temperature detector warns of approaching night frost. The Mobeye detector wakes up the contacts by phone as soon as the set temperature has been reached. The grower can then determine whether the blossom should be protected by sprinkling or other measures.

Waking up at the right time

The Mobeye night frost detectors continuously measure the outside temperature and alarm when the limit value is reached. The Mobeye CM4200X only gives an alarm, with possible repetitions. The CML4275 displays, in addition to alarms, the temperature trend via an online application. Once in alarm status, the graph is refreshed every few minutes. This allows you to determine even more precisely whether measures are necessary. And because you can monitor the temperature trend on your phone, you have continuous insight everywhere.

The detectors can run on batteries for a long time. The temperature sensor is factory calibrated.

Smart data transfer

During the blossom period, the Mobeye CML4275 Smart Data Transfer option offers optimal insight into the temperature values. Once the outside air enters the critical temperature zone, the log and sync frequencies are automatically increased. When the alarm limit is reached, an instant telephone alarm follows and the graph is refreshed every few minutes. This helps to go into the night without worries.

Heat warning

The Mobeye CML4275 has multiple functions that make sense all year round. In addition to the lower limit for night frost measurement, an upper limit of the temperature limit can be set. When exceeded, the grower receives a message. This is useful to determine when the foil needs to be turned and whether sprinkling is required for cooling.

Hour meter with cumulative heat hours

As an extra option, the CML4275 has an hour meter. This calculates the cumulative number of hours above or below a temperature value. You set a period and a temperature limit in the Mobeye Internet Portal. A diagram then shows the cumulative course of the hours and the total number of hours in which the temperature has been above (or below) the limit.


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