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CM2410 – Mobeye GSM Fire Communicator

GSM smoke detector with additional warning functions for Ei Electronics detectors. In the event of a fire, a siren sounds on the spot and a telephone notification goes to the contact persons. The smoke detector that makes a difference in emergency situations, even when you are elsewhere.

This product has been phased out and replaced by the Mobeye CM4410.

GSM module that calls in case of a fire

The Mobeye CM2410 is the communication module in the Mobeye GSM smoke detector and Mobeye GSM heat detector. The CM2410 ensures that, in addition to the loud siren of the fire detector, reporting to contacts takes place.

The Mobeye CM2410 is ready-made for specific Ei Electronics detectors. To ensure you have the correct detector, we recommend one of the following sets:

  • CM2400
    GSM smoke detector with notification function; for single use. The set consists of the Ei Electronics Ei605TYC and the Mobeye CM2410.
  • CM2400RF
    GSM smoke detector with notification function; starter set to interconnect multiple fire and CO detectors in a wireless network. The set consists of the Ei Electronics Ei605TYC, Ei650M and the Mobeye CM2410.
  • CM2400H
    GSM heat detector with notication function; for single use. The set consists of the Ei Electronics Ei603TYC and the Mobeye CM2410.
  • CM2400H-RF
    GSM heat detector with notification function; starter set to interconnect multiple fire and CO detectors in a wireless network. The set consists of the Ei Electronics Ei603TYC, Ei650M and the Mobeye CM2410.

Combinations for sole use

The Mobeye fire communication module CM2410 replaces the mounting plate for the Ei Electronics “Ei600 series”. If no interconnection is necessary, and only a single fire detector with GMS module is needed, the CM2410 can work with: Ei605C, Ei605TYC, Ei650C, Ei603C, Ei603TYC.

Combinations for detectors in a wireless network

A wireless network of Ei Electronics detectors consists of Ei detectors with an RF module, one being equipped with a Mobeye CM2410. In the event of a fire, all sirens will sound and the GSM detector will report the fire to contacts. NOTE: The fire detector with CM2410 must be: Ei605C, Ei605TYC, Ei603C or Ei603TYC. The RF module in this detector must be the Ei650M. Due to these requirements, we advise to always start with the Mobeye CM2400RF or CM2400H-RF, see this page. The other detectors in the network can be any smoke, heat or CO detector from the Ei Electronics series. All Ei Electronics RF modules are mutually compatible.

Notification by other detectors

Mobeye offers fire notification modules for various smoke detectors. The wired output signal of the smoke detector is crucial in this. For a potential-free contact or an RF relay module, choose the Mobeye CM2000. For an analog signal, the CML2055. For requirements for 230VDC powered smoke detectors, we recommend the Ei Electronics 3000 series plus relay modules.

Battery powered or externally powered

The CM2410 can run on batteries for over a year. Alternatively, connect it to 12VDC, or with an AC adapter.

Alarm reporting and extra security

The Mobeye CM2400 sends alarm notifications by telephone call (max. 5 numbers), text message and / or e-mail. The recipient can “acknowledge” a call, causing the device to stop calling the other numbers. We advise to use the Mobeye Internet Portal with the Mobeye SIM card for extra user-friendliness, functions and security. Visit this page for more info.

Alarm forwarding to the alarm receiving center

The Mobeye CM2400 (RF) can send fire and test reports to a private emergency room (ARC) for professional follow-up. Read further.

Reliable and effective

  • Alarm via call, SMS and e-mail
  • Battery operated or 12VDC
  • Easy to install
  • Extra check when connected to Mobeye Internet Portal
Application fields

  • Homes
  • Void property
  • To protect vulnerable people
  • Hotels with 24h checks
Summary of features

Functions • Fire alarm
Alarming • Via call (max. 5 numbers)
• Via SMS, e-mail (unlimited via Mobeye Portal)
Extra messages• Low battery voltage
• (Missed) keep-alive
• Power monitoring (at ext. power)
Other settings• Identification text, alarm texts
Mobeye sim card
• Affordable, flat-fee, multi provider, roaming
• Included in delivery, to be activated on-line
Mobeye Internet Portal (option) • Alarm via SMS/call/e-mail/ARC
• Status display
• On-line programming
• Communication check (keep-alive)
• Display of geographical position (Cell-ID)
Power supply• 2x CR123 (included), or
• 12 VDC + 2x CR123
Battery life time • 1 year (battery operated)
• 3 years (at external power)
GSM • 2G Quad band EGSM
CooperationThe CM2410 is designed in consultation and with the approval of Ei Electronics, based on the original Ei Electronics drawings.

GSM FIRE Communicocator


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