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CM2600 – Mobeye CombiGuard

The Mobeye CombiGuard combines various sensors and signals for optimal control and monitoring. You will receive telephone notifications upon problems regarding the temperature, water level, battery voltage, potential-free sensors and the power supply. Ideal as boat monitoring.

This product has been phased out and replaced by the Mobeye CM4600.

Monitoring of water, temperature, battery voltage, power supply

Monitoring risk factors helps to prevent property damage. With the Mobeye CombiGuard (CM2600) you are aware of what is going on. With a temperature sensor, water leakage sensor, inputs for measuring battery voltage or potential-free sensors and with a mains adapter to monitor the main current, this is the most comprehensive Mobeye measuring device. The CombiGuard has an open collector output to switch a device. If desired, the bilge pump, air conditioning or heating will switch on automatically after an alarm, or remotely via an SMS command.

No power on site?

If you do not have an external power source, the Mobeye CombiGuard still works. Due to the extremely efficient design, the Mobeye CM2600 works for a long time on a set of batteries. At normal use this is longer than a year. This is suitable for monitoring all values, even the external battery voltage, at locations lacking an external power supply.

Alarm on power failure

If an external power supply source is available, we recommend to connect it (with the 12VDC adapter, available as Mobeye accessory). The device can then be accessed online, the batteries last longer and it also immediately functions as a power outage alarm. When used in a ship, the CM2600 monitors the shore power.

Alarm reporting and extra security

The Mobeye CM2600 sends alarm notifications by telephone call (max. 5 numbers), text message and / or e-mail. The recipient can “acknowledge” a call, causing the device to stop calling the other numbers. The text messages contain the actual temperature and external battery voltage. We advise you to use the Mobeye Internet Portal with the Mobeye SIM card for extra user-friendliness, functions and security. Visit this page for more info.

Also interested in log values?

If – in addition to alarms – the temperature values shall be shown in a graph, we recommend the Mobeye CML2255 or CML2275. If the external battery voltage needs to be logged, we recommend the CML2055.

Reliable and comprehensible

  • Alarm via call, SMS and e-mail
  • Monitors temperature, water, battery voltage, NO / NC contact, (shore) voltage
  • Output to switch devices
  • Status display when connected to Mobeye Internet Portal
  • User-friendly in set-up and use
Application fields

  • Boats and ships
  • Construction sites
  • Cellars
Summary of features

Functions • Temperature alarm
• Water alarm
• Battery voltage alarm
• 2x alarm input (NO/NC/AN)
• (Shore) Power failure alarm
Alarming • Via call (max. 5 numbers)
• Via SMS, e-mail (unlimited via Mobeye Portal)
Extra messages• Low battery voltage
• (Missed) keep-alive
Other settings• Delay times on all sensors
• Temperature limits
• Limits for analogue values
• Repeat frequency of alarm message
• Identification text, alarm texts
• Time-based arming/disarming
Mobeye sim card
• Affordable, flat-fee, multi provider, roaming
• Included in delivery, to be activated on-line
Mobeye Internet Portal (optionally) • Alarm via SMS/call/e-mail/ARC
• Status display
• On-line programming
• Communication check (keep-alive)
• Display of geographical position (Cell-ID)
Dimensions• 40x60x80 mm
Power supply• 2x CR123 (included), or
• 12 VDC + 2x CR123
Factory calibration• At 0,5°C between -30 °C and +50 °C, 1 °C outside these values
Battery life time• 1 year (battery operated)
• 3 years (at external power)
Accessories (optionally)• Extension cable for sensor, 12V power adaptor (PSU)
GSM • 2G Quad band EGSM



Choose for complete security

  • Optimal sensor management
  • Highly reliable
  • User-friendly