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CML2015 – Mobeye SISTM

To measure is to know. There is a sensor for almost every measured value. The Mobeye SISTM is unique in monitoring and logging universal analog, potential-free and pulse signals. Possibly even battery powered,

Logging, alarming and reporting
of analog sensors

The Mobeye SISTM measures and monitors universal sensors in an innovative and unique way. Suitable for standard industrial sensors with an output value of 0-1V, 0-10V, NO, NC or a pulse signal. If no voltage source is available, the Mobeye SISTM can also power the sensors, allowing the entire set to run on batteries for a long time. The SISTM sends alarm messages to contacts and logged values to the web portal via the internal GSM module.

Monitoring analog sensors

Analog sensors have an output signal that can be converted to understandable values, such as “pressure in mBar”. Conversion values and units are set when connecting and setting up the sensors on the Mobeye SISTM. If necessary, the Mobeye SISTM can supply the sensors with a voltage of 15V. Minimum and maximum limits can be set for monitoring the analog values. When the limit values are reached, the set contacts receive an alarm message via call, SMS and e-mail. In addition, the Mobeye SISTM (CML2015) logs the measured values and periodically sends them to the web portal. In the portal the values are visible in graph and table form and available as a download file.

Monitoring pulses

The Mobeye SISTM also has the function of a pulse counter, for measuring sensors with a pulse output. The CML2015 measures the pulses and accumulates them within an adjustable interval. This makes it possible to monitor the number of pulses in a time unit. Alarm limits are adjustable, with notification of deviations. The total number of pulses, with a time stamp, is displayed in the Mobeye Internet Portal.
Example: a flow meter delivers pulses. The portal shows how many liters of water per hour flow through a pipe. By setting alarm limits, it can be monitored whether too little water flows through.

Potential free inputs

The two inputs of the Mobeye CML2015 can, independently of each other, also be used as potential-free (NO / NC).

No power on site?

If you do not have voltage available for the power supply of the Mobeye SISTM and the sensors, the Mobeye SISTM can supply the entire set. The analog sensors are powered at adjustable sample intervals and measured with a defined warm-up time. The pulses are continuously measured.

External power supply

If an external power supply source is available, we recommend to connect it (with the 12VDC adapter). Continuous measurement on the sensors is then possible, with a direct alarm message and periodic logging and data synchronization to the portal.

Tuning for your application

The Mobeye SISTM is a very powerful tool for measurements in specific situations. The solution and installation are simple, provided that there is knowledge of the sensors and the application. The Mobeye SISTM is also a “product in development”, where new possibilities are constantly being added.
We advise you to contact us for your specific situations. For this reason, the Mobeye SISTM is not a stock item at our distributors.

Universal and unique

  • Measuring analog values
  • Alarm via call, SMS and e-mail
  • Graph with measured values in portal
  • 2x input for AN / NO / NC / Pulse
  • Adjustable sample interval and transfer interval
  • Battery powered or ext. voltage
Application fields

  • Pressure measurement
  • Vacancy sensor
  • Weight measurement
  • Water flow
  • Etc.
Summary of features

Functions • Alarm on sensor values ( 0-1V, 0-5V, 0-10V, Pulse, NO/NC )
• Logging of values
• Power failure alarm
• 2x alarm input (NO/NC/AN/Pulse)
Alarming • Via call (max. 5 numbers)
• Via SMS, e-mail (unlimited via Mobeye Portal)
Extra messages• Low battery voltage
• (Missed) keep-alive
Log values
(when using portal)
• Adjustable log and sync-interval
• Display in graph, gauge, table and download
Other settings• Warm-up times per sensor
• Continuous measurement or sample measurement
• Delay times/inactive times
• Repeat frequency of alarm message
• Identification text, alarm texts
• Calibration value per input
• Time-based arming/disarming
Mobeye sim card
• Affordable, flat-fee, multi provider, roaming
• Included in delivery, to be activated on-line
Mobeye Internet Portal (optionally)• Alarm via SMS/call/e-mail
• Logged values in graph
• On-line programming
• Communication check (keep-alive)
• Display of geographical position (Cell-ID)
Dimensions • 162x82x55 mm, IP66
Power supply• 2x CR123 (included) or
• 12 VDC + 2x CR123 or
• Battery pack AC-BP5
Accessories (optionally)• 12V power adaptor (PSU), Battery pack AC-BP5
GSM • 2G Quad band EGSM



Choose for complete security

  • Monitoring voltage values
  • Highly reliable
  • User-friendly