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MS300 – Mobeye Water Detector I/O

Robust water detector with inputs for float sensor and outputs for device control. Sends a telephone notification when an input gets into alarm. The outputs control a device automatically after an alarm, or by remote control.

GSM water alarm with output control

The Mobeye MS300 Water Detector is a water detector with a float sensor, which sends an alarm message via the built-in GSM module when the water level changes. The output relays can switch a device. This happens after an alarm or remotely via a telephone call or text message. The MS300 has two potential-free inputs and two relay output contacts.

Water float sensor

The float sensor has a moving part and is meant for horizontal installation. If there is no suitable wall for mounting the sensor, a stainless steel support bar (with hole) can help.

Potential-free alarm input

The float sensor is connected to a potential-free input of the MS300. A second potential-free input is available to connect a second float sensor, fault contact, or other signal to. It is also possible to connect several sensors to one input.

Relay output

The MS300 has two relay outputs, for switching devices with max. 30V 2A. Switching takes place after an input alarm, after an alarm recovery, after an incoming call or SMS. If desired, only authorised telephone numbers may control the outputs.

Alarm on power failure

The MS300 operates on an external voltage source (9 ~ 24V DC) and with backup batteries; an AC adapter and 4x CR123 batteries are included. If the external voltage drops, the unit sends a power failure notification to the set contacts. Alternatively, the MS300 works on batteries only.

No need for output control?

If no external devices need to be controlled, we advise the Mobeye WaterGuard CM4300FS or the Mobeye WaterGuard CM4300.

Reliable water alarm

  • Water alarm via float sensor
  • Alarm via call and text message
  • Adjustable alarm delay times
  • Power failure monitoring
  • One extra alarm input
  • Two relay outputs
  • Configuration via SMS and keypad

Application fields

  • Construction sites
  • Pump houses
Summary of features

Functions • Water alarm via float sensor
• Power failure alarm
• 1x extra alarm input (NO or NC)
• 2x relay output (max. 30V, 2A)
Alarming • Via call and/or sms (max. 5 numbers)
Extra messages• Low battery voltage
• Test message with adjustable interval
Water float sensor• 1,5 meter cable, can be extended with two-core copper wire
Other settings• Delay times on water alarm, input alarm, power failure alarm
• Inactive time after alarm
• Repeat frequency of alarm message
• Output behaviour and pulse time
• Identification text, alarm texts
• Time-based arming/disarming
SIM card• Place own SIM card, 2G, normal size
Dimensions• 145x90x45 mm
Power supply• 9~24V DC + 4x CR123
• Batteries and mains PSU included (country version)
Battery life time• 1 year (battery operated)
• 3 years (at external power)
Accessories (options) • Second float sensor
GSM • 2G Quad band EGSM

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