Support on your MS100 telemetry system

This page provides support information on the Mobeye MS100E, MS100EK, MS100B and MS100BK.
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How to

The SIM card
  • how to place the SIM card?
  • how to choose a SIM card?
Operation of the system
  • program code vs user code
  • how to operate remotely?
The Mobeye inputs and outputs
  • multiple sensors per input
  • what is a relay output?
Explanation of the LED
  • LED behaviour
The batteries
  • when to replace the batteries?
  • what brand of CR123 batteries?
Mobeye Internet Portal
  • can I use the Mobeye Internet Portal?


Where to find product documentation?
  • manuals
  • older manuals
  • datasheets
  • CE declaration of conformity
Where to buy a Mobeye product?
  • sales information

Question and Answer

How to place the SIM card?

See the steps in the picture:

Installation code vs user code

The Mobeye MS100 products have an installation code and a user code. With the installation code you can change the settings and you can switch on and off. The factory code is “1111”. Change this to your own code upon commissioning. The user code is to turn on and off only. You can’t change settings with this code. The factory user code is “8888”. If the system is armed with the user code, it must be switched off with this one. The same goes for the installation code; the code that is used to switch on is the same as is needed to switch off.

Remote switching and controlling an output

In a battery-powered Mobeye device the GSM module is switched off in standby mode. The system will be alert to detect an alarm and report it, but it cannot be accessed remotely. If the system has external power, the GSM module is always open and you can send commands via text messages.

Connecting multiple sensors to an input

Multiple sensors can be connected to one NO/NC alarm input. Place a normally closed input contact in series, a normally open contact in parallel. In this way, an activated sensor will trigger an input alarm. Since there is one text per input, it does not provide specific information about the activated sensor.

LED behaviour (outside)

  • LED flashes red once when switched on, a descending tone sounds
    No valid phone number has been entered.
  • LED is red after menu function 10, 21 or 512
    GSM module searches for network connection.
  • LED is continuously green
    The device has network connection.
  • LED remains red
    The code was entered incorrectly 3 times. The device remains locked for 10 minutes. Wait or replace the batteries.
  • LED flashes red when switched on
    No valid SIM card is used or the SIM card is blocked. Change the “puk” in a regular phone.

LED behaviour (inside, next to SIM card)

  • LED flashes on for 1 second / off for 1 second
    GSM module is looking for network connection. If this takes a long time, there is something wrong with the SIM card or no network is available. If the lights turn off completely within 1 minute without connecting to the network, it may indicate low battery power.
  • LED flashes for 1 second, off for 3 seconds
    GSM module has network connection.

Vervangen van batterijen

Replacing the batteries

If a device is fully battery operated, using the 4c CR123 without external voltage, the batteries should last at least one year. This is even with a daily (test) report. If the GSM strength on site is weak, it may be shorter. Like any mobile phone, the internal GSM module will boost the power to find signal. This affects battery usage.
If a device is externally powered and the batteries are used as a backup in the event of a power failure, they will last more than 3 years. At low battery voltage a message is sent to the first telephone number (TEL1).

MS100 and Mobeye Internet Portal

Currently, the MS100 products do not work in combination with the Mobeye Internet Portal. The Mobeye MCK100 (Call-Key) is suitable for this and has similar functions as the MS100E (and more).

Manuals for earlier hardware and software versions

You will find the latest manuals on the documentation page. Are you looking for manuals for an earlier version? Consult us.

Declaration of Conformity

The Declaration of Conformity can be found at the end of the product manual. You will find the latest manuals on the documentation page.