Mobeye Shipping Container Alarm

Shipping containers are used for many more applications than sea transport. They offer a very practical solution a temporary office space, or to store stocks and equipment. But often these containers are located at parking places or remote terrains, which makes them vulnerable to burglary.

Sea container security

The Mobeye Shipping Container Alarms are designed to protect your belongings. The Mobeye iCM41 is a self-contained alarm system running on a set of batteries, with a built-in communication module.

To ensure a reliable mobile phone network reach, the antenna is placed outside the metal part. In the event of an intrusion the Container Alarm will send a push message, call, SMS text message and/or e-mail.
The installation for basic operation takes only a few steps.

Self-contained alarm system

The Mobeye Container Alarm responds to movements. As soon as the container is opened and the Passive Infrared movement sensor is triggered by a movement or air wave, the system will send a message to the set contact persons.

Long-term operation on batteries

The Mobeye Container Alarm System is extremely energy efficient and can run for more than a year on a set of batteries. You will receive a message if these need to be replaced.

Mobeye Internet Portal

The Container Alarm needs to registered in the Mobeye Internet Portal with the Mobeye SIM card. Find more information about the extra Mobeye Internet functions.

To ensure the ability of the system to communicate from the container, the unit is equipped with an external antenna. Find more information about the Mobeye external antennas.


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