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i110 – Mobeye all-in-one alarm

This product has been phased out and replaced by the Mobeye MiniPir.

Complete security

Mobeye Internet Portal

  • Dashboard
  • European SIM card
  • Extra security

The Mobeye i110 is a compact and smart alarm system for securing a room or walking route. It works entirely on batteries, ideal if you do not have a power supply. In the garage box, holiday home or in the boat, for temporary security at construction sites or at home. The all-in-one alarm system can be used anywhere immediately. Without installation work or complicated programming.

Easy to deploy

  • for small locations
  • for temporary security
  • for places without power supply

In the event of a burglary, the Mobeye i110 sends a text message and calls the pre-set telephone numbers. The user can opt for a silent or a loud alarm on site. A silent alarm increases the chance of being caught, a loud alarm gives a deterrent effect.

Intruder and temperature alarm

The Mobeye i110 has a motion detector and internal GSM module. In addition to the burglary function, it has an internal temperature sensor. If you set a lower and/or upper limit, it will monitor the ambient temperature and you will get a warning if it gets outside the limits. Useful as protection against freezing or overheating.

Long battery lifetime

Due to the unique feature that the Mobeye i110 runs on batteries for a long time, installation work is unnecessary and it can be placed anywhere. Even with a daily (test) report, the batteries last more than a year. As soon as the batteries are due for replacement, the owner receives a “battery low” notification.

The Mobeye i110 is user-friendly with clear setting options. You can have your own recognition text included in the text message. The entry delay and the sensor sensitivity are adjustable. The siren can be on or off, as can the signal during the entry delay. The network test maps the strength of the telecom providers on site.

Reliable security

The handy Mobeye i110 offers fast and reliable security:

  • built-in PIR motion detector
  • built-in temperature sensor
  • silent or loud alarm (deterrence effect) for burglar alarm
  • battery powered
  • user code to switch on and off
  • additional functions via the Mobeye Internet Portal

Easy in use

To switch on and off, just enter your code, followed by “OK”. After switching on, you have one minute to leave the room. A beep will sound during the exit time. Then the passive infrared motion detector sees whether someone enters the room. The system can be turned off within the entry delay. Optionally, an entry indication sounds, a small LED lights up, or there is no indication. If the system is not turned off in time, alarms will follow.

Configuration method

You can make the settings via the keypad. Or you prepare the settings in the Mobeye Internet Portal and have them retrieved by the device. The Mobeye Portal with the Mobeye Sim card offers security benefits, additional functions and a complete dashboard. Read more.


  • Events
  • Void property
  • Used by police
  • Campers
  • Private use

The history

The idea for this product originated over ten years ago. By need for a temporary burglar alarm, a battery powered system and suitable for small spaces. Many product updates later, the i110 is still unique and essential for security companies, government, SME’s and individuals.

The Mobeye Argos and the Mobeye Outdoor Alarm

The Mobeye Argos is the ‘big brother’ of the successful Mobeye i110; it has additional functions such as a listening function to hear the sounds on the spot, the possibility to connect (wired) sensors and time schedules for automatic switching on and off. Discover the more extensive options on the Mobeye Argos product page or view the differences.
For outdoor security or drafty places such as halls or stables, we recommend the Mobeye Outdoor Detector (CMVXI-R).