Mobeye Temperature monitoring in medicine storage

Medicines should be stored under prescribed conditions to ensure the quality. The storage temperature is an important factor for the stability and shelf life of a medicine. For many medications, such as vaccines, the prescribed storage conditions are between 2°C and 8°C. There are also medicines and vaccines that require temperature monitoring at -20 degrees Celsius. The temperature of the fridge or refrigerator must be continuously monitored and logged. Immediate action is required in the event of a deviation.

Temperature monitoring with the Mobeye CML4255

The Mobeye ThermoGuard TwinLog CML4255 is a measuring instrument for monitoring temperature values. The digital sensor(s) measure the temperature continuously and there is an immediate alarm when the refrigerator is too hot or too cold. This is done by push notification, call, SMS or email, and optionally with a local siren.

24/7 insight into the temperature trend

The temperature values are logged in an adjustable interval. It periodically sends the values to the Mobeye Internet Portal. The complete temperature trend is shown in a graph and table.


The dashboard provides a complete insight into the devices on the dashboard. At a glance the status per device is clear and where alarm limits have been exceeded.

Graph view

The complete temperature image is obtained by the meters and graphs. The logging interval is adjustable. For medicine monitoring, we recommend to collect a measurement every 15 minutes and refresh the graph with the new values twice a day. In the event of an alarm, an alarm immediately follows and the graph will be immediately updated.

Additional securities

The portal offers extra reliability in the field of communication. The data transfer has various fallbacks. And as an extra security check, the portal monitors the “keep alive” (test) messages.


Graph view

Monitoring power outages

Although the CML4255 can run on battery power for a long time, it makes sense to work with external voltage and plug the AC adapter into the power strip of the refrigerator. The CML4255 then checks the power supply and alerts you when it fails.


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