Mobeye Temperature monitoring in the ICT server room

Digitisation makes companies dependent on reliable data storage. In addition to secure servers, a well-equipped server room is a requirement. The power supply and good air conditioning are so important for this that they deserve special attention. It would not be the first time if the air conditioning breaks down on a hot summer day and damages data beyond repair.

Mobeye temperature monitoring gives the IT person insight into the temperature in the server room and works as an independent power failure monitor. The additional inputs are able to monitor the fault signal of the air conditioner or a door magnet.

Alarming with full temperature insight

The Mobeye temperature detectors measure the ambient temperature continuously and send an alarm when the limit value is reached. The Mobeye CM4200 only gives an alarm, with possible repetitions. The CML4255 displays, in addition to alarms, the complete temperature trend via an online application. Both detectors can use a mains adapter to monitor the presence of the external voltage and immediately alert them if it fails.

Monitoring the presence of the external power supply

Both the Mobeye CM4200 and CML4255 monitors the presence of the external voltage by connecting an AC adapter. An alarm will be triggered immediately if it is lost. The mains adapter is available as a Mobeye accessory.


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