Support on your Mobeye Call-Key

This page provides support information on the Mobeye MCK100 (Call-Key).
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How to

The SIM card
  • how to place the SIM card?
  • how to choose a SIM card?
Connecting a lock
  • what is a relay output?
  • what lock to connect?
  • how to operate two outputs
The inputs
  • intrusion function
Explanation of the LED
  • LED behaviour
The batteries
  • why to install batteries?
  • what brand of CR123 batteries?
  • a battery-operated Call-Key


Where to find product documentation?
  • manuals
  • older manuals
  • datasheets
  • CE declaration of conformity
Where to buy a Mobeye product?
  • sales information
Where to find information on the portal?
  • information and intro video
  • registration and user manual
  • SIM/portal prices
  • more portal support

Question and Answer

How to place the SIM card?

See the steps in the picture:

What lock to connect?

After an incoming call or SMS from an authorized number, the Mobeye Call-Key will switch a relay output, possibly only during a pulse time. Connect a device to the output(s) that is switched via the relay. This can be a lock or other device; the motor of a gate or gate, an electronic strike or a motor lock. Usually only two wires need to be inserted in the Call-Key.

How to operate the outputs?

The two outputs can be controlled via call, SMS, timers, after an alarm or after alarm recovery. By default, output 1 switches after an incoming call from an authorised number. It is also possible to have output 2 switched. You arrange this via “action-reaction rules”. The incoming call does not distinguish between outputs 1 and 2. To control one of the two outputs specifically, send the commands via SMS.
The Call-Key also has timers; this automatically opens and closes a gate or gate with a weekly schedule.

The Call-Key’s intrusion function

By connecting a door magnetic contact to the gate or door, the Call-Key can also function as a burglar alarm. The Call-Key sends a burglary notification if the door is opened without having received an authorised call.

LED behaviour (next to the SIM)

  • LED flashes on for 1 second / off for 1 second
    GSM module is looking for network connection. If this takes a long time, something is wrong with the SIM card or no network is available. If the lights turn off within 1 minute without connecting to the network, it may indicate low battery power.
  • LED flashes for 1 second, off for 3 seconds
    GSM module has network connection.

Why to install batteries?

The Mobeye Call-Key works on external voltage. Installing batteries (4x CR123) is optional, with the advantage that a power failure message follows if the external power supply fails.

A fully battery-powered Call-Key

The standard Mobeye Call-Key operates on external voltage. There is a “special” that works battery operated. Consult us for info.

Manuals for earlier hardware and software versions

You will find the latest manuals on the documentation page. Are you looking for manuals for an earlier version? Consult us.

Declaration of Conformity

The Declaration of Conformity can be found at the end of the product manual. You will find the latest manuals on the documentation page.