Support on the Mobeye Internet Portal

For general information about the Mobeye Internet Portal see the info page and product pages. On this page you will find additional information, tips and help with problems.

How to

Sign up
  • the sign up failed
  • alarm forwarding to an alarm receiving center
  • I forgot my user name
  • I forgot my password
  • can I use my own SIM?
Tips for use
  • why am I not receiving a test report?
  • how do I set texts for the recovery notification?
  • how can I report with my own text?
  • how do I suppress specific messages?
Tips for the subscription
  • how do I renew the subscription?
  • how do I cancel the subscription?
  • can I pay on account?


Where to find more portal information?
  • information and intro video
  • registration and user manual
  • SIM/portal prices

Question and Answer

The sign up failed

To sign up for a new account, go to the portal. After filling in your details you will receive an email to confirm. If you do not receive it, check the spam folder or consult us.
After creating the user and activating the SIM card, register the device in the Mobeye Internet Portal. This is only possible if the SIM card has already been paid. Make sure the device is in “programming mode” before clicking the “Activate device” icon. For a device with a keypad, you can access the programming mode via CODE menu 21 OK. With other devices this happens after inserting the batteries, after pressing the on/off button for 5 seconds or holding the tag against the reader. An externally powered device is always in programming mode. Check if the LED is green (or flashing green).

I lost my user name

If you do not remember the user name to log in on the portal, consult us.

I lost my password

You request a new password via the login screen of It is sent to the email address provided in the user’s personal data. If you don’t receive it, check your spam folder. If you do not remember the data, please contact us.

Can I use my own SIM card?

The Mobeye Internet Portal can be used in combination with the Mobeye SIM card. This has many advantages:
– the SIM card is an M2M SIM
– the SIM card is multi-provider
– the technical (APN) settings and contract details are tailored to the device and use
– you have insight into the (rough) location of the device
– you have a low rate for combining the use of the portal and the SIM
– Mobeye can offer the best service with this SIM through direct insight into the provider data
nly in exceptional cases and on request is it possible to work with your own SIM cards.

Why am I not receiving a test report?

The Mobeye Internet Portal has a “keep alive manager”. The device sends test messages (“keep alive”) to the portal, at the set test interval. The portal expects these notifications and puts them in the “History” block. Only if the test report is NOT received on time, will the portal send a report to the “service” contacts.

How do I set a notification for alarm recovery?

For some products, such as the Mobeye PowerGuard (CM4100) and Mobeye CM-Guard (CM4000), the alarm recovery notification on the alarm inputs is not set by default. This can be done as follows:
– be sure the unit is in programming mode
– send the following SMS to the unit: 1111 IN1RESET: SEND
– send the following SMS to the unit: 1111 IN2RESET: SEND
The device sends a recovery notification to the Mobeye Internet Portal, which forwards it as default alarm recovery text to the “alarm” contacts (SMS / e-mail).

Setting up your own message texts

The messages that the Mobeye Internet Portal forwards as SMS and e-mail are composed of the name, location and message text. The language choice follows from the language setting of the user. In the block “message texts” the messages can be modified per event. If a completely custom text is desired, start the message text with $$ and write the desired text behind it. All other parts of the text are then omitted.

Suppressing specific messages

By setting up alarm contacts for SMS and / or e-mail, the Mobeye Internet Portal forwards all messages. To suppress forwarding of one or more messages, start the message text with $$– (dollar dollar dash dash).
The events are still visible in the “History” block.

Renewing a subscription

A few weeks before the end of a subscription period, you will receive an email requesting an extension. You do this as follows:
– log in to the Mobeye Internet Portal
– go to the ACCOUNT tab
– choose the block “Subscriptions”
– choose “Renew subscription”
– select the relevant line. This shifts to the shopping cart.
– if you have multiple devices, you can align the end dates for future renewals.
– read the conditions and confirm them; then go to the payment screen.

Canceling a subscription

A few weeks before the end of a subscription period, you will receive an email with a request to renew or cancel the subscription before the end of the period. To cancel:
– log in to the Mobeye Internet Portal
– go to the ACCOUNT tab
– choose the block “Subscriptions”
– choose “End subscription” and enter a reason
You will not be faced with unexpected facts; Mobeye has no small print that you should have done this much earlier …

Pay on account

If the user has been set up on behalf of a company and you want to pay on account, please contact us.