Mobeye 2G/4G Smoke detector kit for vacant property and storage

Smoke detectors are usually aimed at protecting human lives. Not unjustified. However, there are enough locations where people are not always present, but there is a risk of fire. The damage to stocks and buildings can be prohibitive, with major consequences. For these locations, there is a smoke detector that, in addition to a siren on site, also sends a report to remote contacts and emergency services. Without having to install a complete fire panel.

Fire protection in complicated locations

The Mobeye CM4400 smoke detector kit is a cost-efficient, uncomplicated and reliable solution. It combines one of the world’s most reliable smoke detectors with the ingenious Mobeye communication technology. The set works on batteries for a long time and is suitable for any clean room. As soon as the smoke detector goes off, it calls and texts the contacts. Multiple detectors can work together, only one of which must be equipped with the communication module.

For a timely warning in case of fire in vacant buildings

Mobeye Internet Portal

It is the user’s choice to connect the 2G/4G smoke detector kit to the Mobeye Internet Portal and use the Mobeye SIM card or to use a SIM card from any provider. See here for the additional functions of the Mobeye Internet Portal.


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Download the information “Mobeye Smoke Detector for storage and void property”

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