Mobeye Monitoring the AED cabinet

An Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) helps restore the heart rhythm in cardiac arrest. The AED is typically stored in a cabinet that is easily accessible to rescuers. Because every second counts, it is important that the AED is always reliable and immediately usable.

Mobeye has been involved in monitoring AED cabinets for more than ten years. With solutions in the area of passing on an opening of the AED cabinet, monitoring the temperature and power supply, and opening the cabinet remotely.

Alarm when the AED cabinet opens

It is important for the administrator of an AED cabinet to know whether the AED cabinet has been opened. After using the AED, a check of operation and electrode replacement is required. A cabinet alarm can also indicate theft or sabotage.
This encourages keeping AEDs accessible to everyone, without a key or PIN.

The Mobeye CM-Guard immediately alerts the administrator when the AED cabinet is opened. It is able to work full battery powered, eliminating the need to connect the cabinet to the external power supply.

Climate control in the AED cabinet

AED outdoor cabinets should be equipped with a climate control system. This is monitored with a Mobeye PowerGuard (CM4100) or Mobeye ThermoGuard (CM4200), in combination with monitoring the power supply. For advice on these solutions, please consult us.

Check on the availability of the power supply

For AED cabinets that are connected to the mains voltage, the power supply is crucial. The Mobeye PowerGuard monitors this. An alarm will follow as soon as there is a power outage. The monitoring is done by plugging the supplied mains adapter into the same socket as the system to be monitored, or directly on a 12VDC output.

Bespoke solutions

Mobeye has developed various customer-specific solutions for AED cabinets. For the airport in Singapore, this is aimed at alerting the medical staff and monitoring the cabinet. A cabinet has been developed for various Dutch organizations, which is remotely locked via the emergency services. Combinations have also been made with climate control.


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