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MS100 – Mobeye Telemetry I/O

Mobeye offers a portfolio of M2M telemetry modules that can be used in a variety of applications. The heart of the modules is a GSM communication module. The telemetry modules differ based on the availability of inputs and outputs, input voltage and the ability for IoT interfaces.

Telemetry module
for remote monitoring and control tasks

The MS100 series consists of telemetry devices for remote monitoring and control tasks. Installations and systems are monitored via the inputs of the Mobeye telemetry terminals, and devices are controlled via the relay outputs.

An activated input leads to an alarm by phone call and sms text message to max. 5 contacts. The two relay outputs are controlled by calling the unit or sending an SMS text message.

Action-reaction patterns determine the behaviour

There are many setting options that determine the unit’s behaviour. Programming is done via simple SMS commands or via the keypad. By connecting sensors and devices to the MS100 module, you build your alarm module. By choosing the right settings and by adjusting the action-response patterns, the behaviour of the inputs, outputs and the GSM communication module can be set up according to the needs. This makes the device ideal for system integrators.

The MS100-series

The MS100 series includes four versions. These are distinguished by the ability to run on batteries for a long time versus use on external voltage. In addition, there is a choice for a keypad. With the keypad you can program even more easily, arm and disarm the device and switch the relay outputs on site.

Alarm after power failure

If a voltage source is available, we recommend the MS100E or MS100EK. By installing the rechargeable battery AC-BPR1, it continues to operate in the event of a power failure and, if desired, it sends power failure reports.

No output control needed?

If no external devices need to be controlled, we advise the Mobeye CM-Guard (CM4000) or Mobeye PowerGuard (CM4100).

Remote control with authorisations?

The MS100 modules are able to allow either authorised or all telephone numbers to switch the relays remotely. For a product with full and online authorisation management via the web portal, we recommend the Mobeye Call-Key (MCK100). This product is also suitable for applications other than access control.

Adjustable as desired

  • alarm numbers (max. 5)
  • call and/or SMS after an alarm
  • input type (NO/NC), free alarm texts, delay times
  • inactive time after an alarm, alarm repeat
  • output behaviour and pulse time
  • authorisation of numbers for remote control of outputs
  • time based actions
  • test messages with self-defined interval

  • to control of irrigation systems
  • to switch a pump
  • to turn on a heater
  • to start a camera system

Functions • 2x alarm input (NO of NC)
• 2x relay output (max. 30V, 2A)
• Power failure alarm on 9~24 VDC
Alarming • Via call and/or SMS text message (max. 5 numbers)
Extra messages • Low battery voltage
• Test message (keep-alive)
SIM card • Place own SIM card, 2G, normal size
Dimensions • 145x90x45 mm
Accessories (optiona) • Mains PSU (country version), rechargeable battery pack
GSM • 2G Quad band EGSM