Remote monitoring

Smarter, greener and future-proof. Remote monitoring is sustainable and provides more information.

We daily help our customers to monitor more installations and situations remotely with Mobeye products. Because many inspections are still carried out on the spot. A daily tour to water pumps to check that the well is not filling up. A drive along the electrical boxes to find red fault lights. A check on AED boxes whether the contents are still present. A check of the water level in waste water tanks. A check on press machines to know to what extent it has been filled.

The examples are inexhaustible. The common denominator is clear; in all examples remote monitoring is possible. With a simple and reliable device that monitors the situation with simple sensors. That provides insight into the status. And immediately alerts if the situation changes. Remote monitoring ensures that you are aware earlier than you would have been during a scheduled inspection round. So you can always be sure. And you do not have to do as many inspection rounds.

Good for health, good for the environment and good for your agenda.

Do you want to remotely monitor an installation or situation ?
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