Mobeye Reel detector for the sprinkler system

Agricultural products deserve the best conditions, even in dry weather. Your irrigation system has an important function in this. To deal responsibly with the land and the available water, the Mobeye reel detector and telemetry module MS100 provide handles for efficient handling.

Stay informed about the irrigation system

Reel messenger CM4000

The Mobeye reel detector CM4000 warns you by telephone as soon as the reel and hose have arrived at the end stop. Reels with a potential-free signal at the end stop give a pulse to the reel detector. If desired, the detector also warns about stopping halfway. The Mobeye CM4000 has two potential-free alarm contacts. The unit can operate for a long period of battery power and also has a 12-24 VDC input. In an alarm situation, the LTE-M/2G communication module informs the contact persons by push message, telephone call or SMS.

Telemetry module MS100E

The MS100E has two relay outputs to remotely control a pump or other device. This can be done via a call or SMS command. It is also possible to have the reel detector ring to the unit and to turn off the water pump. You will of course also receive notice of this yourself.

The MS100E also has two inputs for monitoring sensors and signals. Various actions and reactions are adjustable for the inputs, outputs and messages.


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